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Tom Must Stay

When Westbrook is on (as he stated) he is right. Not too many people put up those kind on numbers. Ever your boyfriend Tony Parker


And how many World Champion NBA teams have you ever covered exclusively, Mr. Sorenson? I don't think one. No one ever pays us much attention, but flash isn't always what wins you titles- just look at the ones we already have. We handled OKC pretty nicely during the regular season, and pre-Diaw Jackson arrival, too. In the March game that we won in OKC, Westbrook had 36 and Durant had 25 and Parker and Duncan still led the Spurs to a win. It will be a very good series, but no one should count Timmy and Company out. Then again we don't need your approval, either. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!


Obviously, an injury to Duncan, Parker or Ginobili could weaken the chances of a Spurs championship, but right now they look like the safe bet. At the very least, the winner of the Spurs/Thunder western conference match will be a strong favorite to take the NBA title this year.


Don't sleep on SanAntonio..they may not be sexy or high flying with a premodonna but they are experienced and deep..They have the best 3 starters in the league with Dunc, Ginno and Park

George Hanson

You're a moron.

The column on Tim Richmond confirms it.

First time, last time reader

"Duncan has been great but San Antonio's path has been easy. When Duncan is challenged and has to play a lot he easily could wear down. If he does, Tony Parker will have to carry the Spurs."

Tony Parker has been handed the torch already, which is why Tim has been extremely efficient in his touches. Tony Parker had a top five MVP finish and is way more talented and polished than Harden. My suggestion is that you actually watch some Spurs basketball and not just listen to what the commentators say. And they actually have a reason for people to listen to them, unlike yourself.


spurs will sweep them why that's what they been doing

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