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The Lakers own your face Tom.


what DO they call them? OKC?

The Truth

Sorry, I cannot cheer for a team who abandoned a very loyal fan base and tarnished its name by being rebranded. OKC get your own team, this team is Seattle's.

Monster Beats By dr. dre

Thanks for all your entries. Here's a selection of some of the other better lines we received:

"I knew we were soul mates."

"Our religion and politics are joined at the hip."

"What God has joined together let no man put asunder."

"Why can't I quit you?"

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No Luxury: Lakers Taxed $20-Million by NBALake Show LifeThat's why the NBA's 2010-11 audit is so painful to the best owner in baltekbasl. The Lakers are among three teams that will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-million in luxury taxes for exceeding the salary cap threshold. NBA: Lakers To Cut 20 EmployeesKSAT San AntonioLakers cut loose long-time staff: ReportTimes of IndiaRonnie Lester speaks out as Lakers cut longtime employeesLos Angeles TimesBleacher Report -Gather.com -Laker Nationall 63 news articles This entry was posted in 流言. Bookmark the permalink. Renardo Sidney elects not to join team for August trip abroad Searching for Billy Edelin Longer the NBA lockout goes, the more TMZ becomes a factor for Lakers Boston Herald


06.16.10 at 8:46 amTYO .Lakers ALL FUCKING DAY. The Celtics smacked us in game 6 in '08 but we got renvege and spanked them in game 6 this year. Anybody who think the Celtics is going to beat the Lakers AT Staples with Kobe playing lights out and the rest of the time stepping up is on crack.Niggas was talking about Kobe being the MVP of the finals even if the Celtics won! That shit speaks for itself if you ask me. And lets look at this. Game 2 was stolen from the Lakers. The refs were asleep or got paid off or both. Game 4 I'll gave the Celts credit for winning. And in Game 5 the Celtics had our field goal percentage doubled (~33 to ~66) at one point ..but they only won the game by 6. Even though Kobe was the only one who showed up. If he didn't go off in the 3rd we might have gotten blown out. The way I see it, the Celts have only beaten us once. We beat ourselves the other two times .and now we'll prove we are the better team in game 7.


made ABSOLUTELY no sense.This is not about if dude is not on team and this and that.That's pointless.FACT IS these are two good teams who will GUT IT OUT come torrmoow night at the Staples I expect a back-and-forth affair, with the C's showing a better effort than they did in Game 6 but ultimately, the Lakers will go as far as Kobe takes them (IN THEIR HOUSE NO LESS), which is all the way to the promise land, repeating as champsI just cant see Kobe and company losing a game 7, at homeIt's for all the marbles. And Kobe's killer instinct is unmatched.

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