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I'll be at the Charlotte Hornets draft party at Bailey's hoping we get a good pick for the future Hornets! Buzzzzz........


While I hope we get the #1 pick, something has me thinking #2 is in our future....GOD PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE LET ME BE WRONG!

A. Davis

I had fun last night Tom


tonight and june 28th are insanely important. but we won't know what we did right or wrong for another 3 years.

all I know is......we're picking top 4 which probably means we are going to have either davis, robinson, drummond, or kidd-gilchrist as the pick. and You can bet that one of those guys will be about as good as davis and you can also bet that another player picked later will be up there too. and 1 of these guys will be average at best. and we won't know which.

what we do know is that we don't need beals unless we're getting something great in return for him OR henderson.

i also think barnes will be better than kidd-gilchrist. drummond looks like a bum but he also looks like he could be amare and after the development that roy hibbert showed.........nothing is insane.

lot of great players not picked #1. jordan. durant. wade. pierce. KG. nash. miller. bird. barkley. kobe*. mutombo. dirk. isiah thomas. malone.

and you can always draft len bias.

NO to the Hornets. I remember the last time!

Yall may think i am nuts, but if we do not get #1, why not get Tyler Zellar? He had a fantastic year at UNC, runs the floor better than any big man in the game, and has developed into a scorer.


trade with lakers get a bigman and draft harrison barnes


Screwed by the NBA and Hornets again!

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