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slim shady

MKG will be a good pick

Bobcat Fan

How about the fact the league still technically owns the Hornets? If you want full transparency, conduct the actual ping pong selection on TV, not behind a curtain.


Welcome to Charlotte Mr. Black Falcon!

GSO Cats fan

Well-said, Tom. The Bobcats got the #2 pick in a one-player draft. Love the analogy of getting the stainless steel silverware instead of the new car - that's exactly what this is like.


With the #2 Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Charlotte Bobcats select Harrison Barnes from the University of North Carolina. Love it or hate it...it is what it is...Just sayin'


"So, you're saying there's a chance." Great, Tom Sorensen looks for another reason why the Bobcats will surprise us all. After having his hopes dashed after shockingly falling short of the No. 1 pick with a measly 25 percent chance, he now thinks Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be the savior. Who can take anything this man writes about the Bobcats--or any sport, for that matter--seriously. Please, please, please, Tom, retire so we can get a real sports columnist in here who's not going to be a pipe organ for the Bobcats and spin every disappointment this horrific franchise hands us. The Bobcats' decision to lose big for a 25 percent chance at Anthony Davis was destined to fail despite your propaganda.


Have the Hornets EVER had the #1 overall pick?

NO to the Hornets. I remember the last time!

Larry Johnson was #1

Screw #2. Trade it to Portland with DJ and get #6 and #11.


"It was obviously rigged! We had the worst record, therefore the 'best' chance! 25%! The Hornets only had a 19% chance. It doesnt make any sense" (Math teachers across the county sigh in frustration)


Bobcats need to trade out of #2 - nobody left worthwhile of such a high pick. Hopefully their phone will ring with someone infatuated with MKG, Robinson or Drummond. I don't think any of those guys are a value at #2 though.

Too bad there's no RGIII equivalent in the NBA Draft.


Nice Glengarry Glen Ross reference!

UNC fan

T-ROB is a stud and will continue to be in the NBA. He is a true PF and will tear up the boards with his tenacity in the NBA. Anthony Davis is great but he only averaged around 14ppg and most of those were on lob passes. He and Biyombo are too much alike to complement each other so I think this will work out best. MKG is a stud too but the hitch in his jump shot concerns me too much to take him #2. Again, T-ROB is a stud. Don't pass on him please!!!


Once again last night showed that having the worst record does not guarantee anything,even when the odds are stacked in your favour.Look @ the Twolves last year.Had the worst record and somehow the Cavs got to pick 1st,oh did i mention this convinently happened the year after Lebron left Cleveland???
Back in the day didnt David Stern open an investigation on MJ and his gambling???


This reminds me of when Andrew Luck decided to stay in school and everyone was upset and we got Cam Newton. Let's hope the Cat's have the same draft luck.


Make no mistake about it. This is bad, sad, mad take your pick. Charlotte just got screwed.Davis is like Tim Duncan, with a pick like that you always a contender, look at San Antonio, have they ever missed the playoff since drafting Duncan? but it is what it is.REMEMBER... we felt this way when Andrew Luck said he was staying in school. look what happened (Thanks Andrew) So just like with Cam lets roll the dice on Harrison Barnes. He can be a bust or he can be a All Star.

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