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Dear Mr. Wolchesky,First please fogrive the length of this but there is much to share.I wish to tell you and share with Madeleine that one particular statement you made touched a nerve in me that has been festering for nearly 20 years. I too am of the same era as you. And I too share with you the guilt of my generation being the cause of the downturn of America. I have said to many people that “I am ashamed of my generation because I believe we were the turning point of today's America into the pit of immorality.” As a result of this and other events, I have put in much time studying the Christian foundation and heritage of America that secular, revisionist historians have been attempting to expunge from our history. My purpose is to share with as many people as possible – especially the indoctrinated youth the true and factual history of America rather than the Politically Corrected version. I have discovered much that even you and I did not receive in our educations. From what I have found, it seems as though today's historians have used the Supreme court decision of 1947 which changed “freedom of religion” into the battle cry of “separation of church and state” as the creation of a new America. To the Supreme court justices who sat on the bench at that time and to today's historians, it is as if 170 years of our history and culture was immediately erased and never existed.A few interesting facts that I have discovered and wish to share with anyone who will read this lengthy note are: First, the Supreme court based a decision on irrelevant evidence and Second, the judges were nothing but a bunch of activist, novice, political stooges of FDR. How can I make such brash statements?The virtual entirety of the Courts decision was based upon Thomas Jefferson's private letter to the Baptist Church of Danbury Connecticut. But, let's look at Jefferson not only as a witness to the court, but as an example of “separation of church and state”. As a witness, Thomas Jefferson served as a diplomat to France during the entire time the Constitution was being formed. He was not a member of the Constitutional Convention. He did not sign the Constitution. He was not a delegate to Congress. He did not participate in any of the Congressional debates. He did not vote to ratify the Constitution. And he did not participate in the writing and voting in of the Bill of Rights. Instead he was a non participative entity living thousands of miles away. Yet our courts took the equivalent of second hand, hearsay information, took it out of it's intended context, and made it into primary evidence. At the same time they took a non participative individual and elevated him to a position equivalent to being an expert of the First Amendment.Second, I made a heavy handed blow upon the judges. But, if you will recall your history – if it is still taught – on at least two occasions FDR attempted to have the Supreme court justice tenure changed because too many of his “New Deal” attempts were being declared unconstitutional. In both attempts he unsuccessfully petitioned congress – first to place limited age tenure on the justices and second to increase the number of justices. All for the sake of tipping the scale to his favor. Since neither attempt worked, we unfortunately elected him into office four times. Thus providing plenty of time for attrition and judicial replacements. At the time of the infamous 1947 Everson case, biographical information I acquired from Yale University archives, reveal that only one of the justices had more than one years experience on a judicial bench prior to their appointment to the highest court of America. So here you see the ultimate results and fallacies in appointment of activist judges to our courts.Finally, as much as Thomas Jefferson is labeled a deist we find that he was a co-founder of the American Bible Society of West Virginia. As president, with tax payers money and congressional approval he sponsored not one, but four separate missionary trips to the Indian tribes. Does this sound like the “separation of church and state” that today's historians tell us was Thomas Jefferson's intent? He also had congress allocate funds for the printing of Bibles that were to be used as a study guide when placed in the schools of Washington DC. Does this sound like the “separation of church and state” that historians say was always intended? If that were to be done today, atheists would be crawling out of the woodwork screaming “separation of church and state” supposedly as was always intended by the first amendment Not only that, but Jefferson also had weekly Christian services of varied denominations (so as to not place governmental preference of one over the other) brought into both the halls of the White House and Congress.These are just a few facts I have discovered regarding the Christian Heritage of America that have been lost and forgotten by today's society as a result of secular revisionist historians.To Madeleine I say good for you for exercising your inalienable right to free speech endowed by our creator (not by government). And to YouTube and Google I say shame on you for censoring that right.Sincerely,Gordon


I made the seven-hour trek from Nashville to Charlotte for one of my oldest and best frenid's weddings. We have always enjoyed our road trips together whether they were to weddings or LSU


Charlotte is a place where People get into their dowtown trweos and tout the city. They claim their is Jobs , gold , cheap housing ; Thats what is getting Charlotte in trouble they think if they call all the sheep here the Governmnet will give all these Jobs , they wont. Charlotte is a place where they hand out rosy colored glasses.


For what it's worth, the no-food/drink rule is mostly syimolbc. Almost every public transit system has that rule and it's hardly ever enforced anywhere. It basically just gives the conductor the right to leave off people whose dining habits are disruptive.


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