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English Professor CMS

It's I not i, Tom.


I don't understand why you think they should draft Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Florida guard Bradley Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist can't shoot and they already have Gerald Henderson (Who is better than Bradley Beal). The Bobcats need SCORING!!.


Need to trade down to 4 w/ Cleveland and still get Robinson. Then take John Jenkins with the 24th. Need to make that happen even if we have to throw our 31st in.


I like TRob's intensity more than anything else about him. That Kansas team had no business making it as far as it did and he was the heart and soul. I thought MKG was, at times, Kentucky's best player but I think his role would be so similar to Henderson's (driver and not a shooter) that you would have to trade Gerald. That's fine if you can get a shooter in the exchange. Beal scares me simply because everyone has jumped on his bandwagon and his stats are not that good. His 3 point accuracy is not great and that is what everyone agrees is his greatest strength.


Why would you throw your 31st in to move down two spots? The No. 2 pick should be worth more than moving up seven spots into the late first round.

Fast  Freddie

Does anyone really think it matters? You could draft the second coming of Kobe Bryant but its not going to matter with Jordan as an owner. He has no interest in spending $$ to bring quality players (or coaches) in and no quality FA is going to come here just because Jordan was their favorite player growing up.

Also. If Cho is so great, was is this his 3rd team in under 5 years?


T-Rob is the best pick at #2 or beyond. We have enough jump shooters already jacking up bad shots from the perimeter. The Cats need an inside presence and T-Rob gives us that, plus he does have a jump shot if he needs to use it. The kid showed a lot of leadership, heart and muscle on his Kansas team. Little guys in the NBA get push around. The Cats need to build one piece at a time. If not T-Rob, then Harrison Barnes.

James Edgar

Fast Freddie - because the Portland owner is an idiot. Everyone was scratching their heads about him firing Cho for little or no reason. Why is he so great? Look at the Thunder. The vast majority of that team, and their coach, came to OKC on Cho's watch.

As for the #2 pick, trade it to Cleveland for their 4 & 24. Let Cleveland get Beal and Washington get Barnes or MK-G, and take Robinson at 4. Take Jenkins at 24 and hold on to 31. If English is still there at 31, take him too. I would be perfectly fine with a lineup of Walker, Henderson, Jenkins, Robinson and Biz with English, Mullens and DJ White off the bench. I think we could win 30 games with that rotation.


T Rob is the safe pick and the one I'd make. I'm just scared that 3 years from now we'd be watching Beal rise to superstardom and us saying "we could have had him" like we have so many other times.


Houston is making some noise! Right now they have picks 14, 16 and 18 to offer. I think they will add another pick and then try to move up to have something to offer the Magic for Howard. I don't know but since the Magic are going to lose Howard anyway they might trade him for the #2 and Kyle Lowery. Maybe not - but either way the Rockets are going to make a move with all those picks and have already offered Lowrey so maybe the Cats take him and those three picks for #2?

Considering all the mid-round guys like Terrance Jones, Moe Harkness, Kendall Marshall, Terrance Ross and others that will be on the board - maybe the Cats do it..


I do not understand the love affair withe MKG. The kid can't shoot and is not an elite ball handler. This team needs people who can score. SHOOTERS would be the word to describe what we need. Gerald Wallace light should not be an option.


i'll take matt carroll redux over eddie robinson redux.


Sorensen is an idiot. He still thinks Clausen is better than Cam. MKG CAN'T SHOOT!!!


Sure, the Bobcats need it all. The trade of 2 for 4 and 24 is a good one. I would also trade the 2 for Houston's 14, 16, 18 and add a player if necessary.

Remember, we don't have a SF starter. Remember, we will probably be able to sign A. Jaminson for 3 or 4 years at a good reduced price.

Barnes will surpise the Carolina haters, abc fans and .............
Take Barnes at 4, then Jenkins at 24, then at 31 there will be a lot to choose from including J. Cunningham, M. Scott, James (FSU), possibly D. Green and otheres.

With the 14, 16 and 18, you could get Perry Jones, Terrence Ross, Moe Harkless or other quality picks...possibly a K. Marshall, R. White, J. Lamb....

Either choice is better than what I have been hearing.

If we had a sf, take Robinson but we don't.

If we did not have a log jam at 2, take Beal.

Thanks for reading...please don't bash my comments.

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