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Original Panther Dan

Lotsa love for Kuechly. He's a stud.


What the H*** are you trying to say NY Jetz? is that even english? Go find your own little message board troll. I think your trying to insult the Panthers but I'm not sure because you write like a brain damaged moron. Your Jetz are and will be a joke for awhile to come. I mean Tebow, really!?! Get ready for the real truth and that is Cam the Man. Your Jetzzzz are a bunch of has beens and never beens. Enjoy!


NY Jetz, please tell me you're simply trying to be funny with that comment. If you're serious, are you writing this during your one hour per week of internet time in prison? You shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets and interact with normal people.


Yeah, Josh Norman stood out to me immediately in the Panthers open practice yesterday! Let's see what he does in the live ore-season games!


Jax flor - you just lost all credibility with this statement:

"They need a high quality QB like Sanchez to be a role model for youth in that area."

A role model for what? Being a diva QB?

Unlike yourself, most people have done things they weren't proud of when they where young.


Norman stood out??? Really?? I guess he did for me as well, as being overly generic and didn't do anything special except block a pass that was thrown to steve smith from the 10 yard line.. But anytime the receiver had room to run long routes, he was getting killed every time.. Hope he gets better, because right now he's an average cb


How did all these outatown idiots get here ? This has gotta stop ! Just taking the time trying to decipher their messages is wasting my life .. rather be watching the Panthers ..for something real and exciting. There's no comparison between our QB and those lowlife New Yorkers . Just watch they will even ruin Tebow"s morality .. Look at their language and their sick attitudes on display here.

Sports don

Outside of jealousy there is no justifiable reason to hate on Cam. It comes across like a drunk girl dissing the guy that dumped her for an upgrade. Hard not to picture these guys having to stop typing when there mom yells down to the basement that they need to take out the trash. Would they prefer Clausen, who only looks good at half speed?

nguyen johnny

Umm... I thought i was the only foreigner on the Panthers blog. How come you guys didn't tell me there was more to English than what I learned in ESL. I can't read or understand anything in here!!!

Joseph  Holbert

Att: to all the NY Jetz and jax flor.Sound like to me that you all bunch of Dum Ass. The PANTHERS are going to kick of lot of ass. All Tebow will be a waterboy for the Jets. And Jax flor,If I was you i will be scared, this year. Are running backs did showed up to get in shape for this year.


Oh my god, that was so good. It made my heart hurt. I miss you guys so much- I really wish I could have been there. I loved seneig Paul, Zack and Basil in the video- I wish I could have seen Flea and Miko too!! Great editing and videography Flea!!


Nice!, discovered your wapebge on digg.Glad I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Safari browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? However, love your wapebge and will be back.See Ya


First and most importantly, you sohlud ban all bammers from this website. All they seem to do is embarrass themselves anyways. Second, I admit Cam will have rookie bumps and bruises along the way, but at the end of the year they win 5 games. There is entirely to much talent in that backfield, ie Stewart and Williams, for them to not pull off a upsets this season. The difference between a respectable and abysmal season for the Panthers lies on the sohluders of the offensive line. You give a rookie QB time and talented RB's hole to run through, no telling what can happen. AS THE O LINE GOES, SO DO THE PANTHERS. My guess 5 and 11.28-27 War Damn Eagle!


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Just wondering here, what does Pelini have to do with this artlcie? I expect nothing more than a resaon for you two to spout your hate. But anyways Merry Xmas to the both of you. I hope you both take time to reflect what this season is really about.


There is no way David is only the 5th best linebacker in the corntuy. Obviously, whoever votes for this award did not watch any Nebraska games this year. David should have won this award, it's not just about who has the most tackles it's who is the BEST linebacker. David MAKES PLAYS and is a tackling machine. Show me another linebacker who made as many game changing plays as David.He is definitely better than Te'o and Hightower has elite level pro players on defense to play with.

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