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I'll take it

I'll take it. No lazy mofo here.


Don't like the pick but will with hold further judgement. I trust the GM if it was his pick.

Tony P

Bobcats blew it again. As someone said on another blog, "He's another Kendall Gill".


Tom, you must not know Charlotte sports fans very well. If the Bobcats had the #1 and selected Anthony Davis some people would still be p1ssing and moaning.


i had a bacon/cheese burger for lunch.


Terrible pick at #2. Would have been iffy at #4. Oh well, what's another turd in the bowl that is the Charlotte Bobcats.


Tom licks MKG's picture every night. Hyphen is a horrible shooter. Tom says "..you can fix that". Right. Show me how many crap shooters with broken mechanics come into the league and get "fixed". HORRIBLE PICK. No guts to make a deal. The real reason MKG is here is that Jordan fell in love ... again...with an effort guy. MJ..here's a hint..QUIT LOOKING FOR YOU!!


Tom, if this selection is another bad one in our draft history, I don't want any excuses as to why this didn't work. This guy is arriving with well documented flaws.

Lexington Lady

Right on the money, Tom. These Tar Heel Kentucky haters make me laugh --- just tell them when they have (count 'em) 8 championships, we'll talk!


Even though it is not what would have done....it shows the front office is making good decisions. Taylor will also be a good fit...there were shooters, B. James, D. Green were also available...still think they will sign A. Jaminson so hopefully that will help fill out the roster.


Others: Brown, Williams

Out: (HOPEFULLY) Diop, Thomas, Carroll

John W.

You failed to mention that he can't handle the ball very well either. Gerald Wallace-lite is his ceiling. That's good but not as good as what you'd get at two during a good year.

It's a bummer that the NBA persists with this lousy lottery system. If a franchise is willing to insult their fan base and forsake gate receipts by tanking, then they deserve the top pick.


It's sad though that these players - who'll be pros next year - still have "learn to shoot" on their to-do lists.
I miss the polished players going to the NBA, and I miss the opportunity a guy like MKG could've had to develop his game in College.
I'm not criticizing his decision, but most of the lottery picks could've benefited from more years in college.
By them going now, it waters down both the college and NBA game. Let's switch to baseball's draft system. It'll improve everything.


all i know is we will not be this bad because i don't think we are the absolute worse since there are few teams whose success has not come often.
I like T Rob because of his alpha dog attitude but MKG has huge upside with proper coaching he can morph well in our young cats team.



I don't think that thing with 2 cheeks and a pucker in the middle is a picture.


Better read Tom's positive BS now because you won't read it next season when this kidd is learning how to shot year after year. Then his true colors will show.


Tom, Any time you can take a guy who was the 4th or 5th best scorer on his college team at 2 when you could have him and at least another 1st rounder at 4, you do it. The reason Cats fans are angry is that yet again they make a dumb decision. THEY COULD HAVE HAD THE SAME GUY THEY WANTED AT 4. Whatever other assets Cleveland was willing to trade would have been icing. And by icing I mean players like Tony Wroten, Perry Jones III, Festus Ezeli, and Arnett Moultrie. All of whom are upgrades over our current starters at their position.

I don't know about MKG as an NBA player. He certainly killed UNC, though Barnes still got his 14 on 4 of 5 3 point shooting against a guy just drafted 2nd whose one supposedly great skill is defense. I do know that we may never score 90 points again this decade with Biyombo, Walker, and MKG as our foundation going forward.

I did like the Taylor pick in the second round. But then, you know, you figure they could have gotten one of those second rounders from Cleveland and you look at some of the talent that was there and you just wish somebody would put Rod Higgins out to pasture.

The Bobcats are just such an assbackwards inbred organization. Everybody is a good ole boy and nobody has to worry about getting fired. It's an insult to the game, the league and Cats fans that Cory Higgins is on the roster. It's an insult that Stephen Silas coached games last year. It's an insult the way they nickle-and-dimed the coaching candidates this year. It's an insult that the team traded Tyson Chandler for cap relief that actually made their cap situation worse, or broke up a playoff team because it wasn't going to win the title, or any of the other transparently stupid things they do on a seemingly monthly basis.

So no, they don't get the benefit of the doubt here. They could have had MKG at 4 and gotten one or 2 other players. The only reason to stay at 2 is to take Bradley Beal, who was the 2nd best player in this draft given that the Thunder - a team that knows how to scout talent, unlike the Cats - were willing to break up a title team for him.

The Dark Knight

The post above (probably Charlottean under the name of sfinsf) makes excellent points. And this is a dude who has been trying to look at the glass as being half-full for this season.

WHile MKG will be a good player; the analysis of getting him at 4 with additional assets is true and disappointing.

I will say though-- the Thunder looking to draft Beal seems to be more about fitting a need for their team rather than taking the best player available.


The Bobcats should've taken Beal. What they needed most of all was an NBA level scorer with great potential at his position. MKG is the perfect guy you get when you have significant pieces (particularly scoring pieces around). The Bobcats already have seen this bedtime story when you make a Gerald Wallace type player one of your top players. And who cares about Ben Gordon or DJ. They are temps to building a team. It's not common to find a great shooter be one of your top players. Plus, you can more top guys to go around them and not infringe on their talent. It's why Ray Allen can play anywhere.


People in this town are a joke. they just drafted a great player only 18 years of age and are already writing him off. Truly sad.


OK, then someone tell me, show me stats, of bad shooters in college coming into the NBA and getting their jump shot "fixed" to the point of it being an asset? SHOW ME! Make a list!

And I'm not just talking about not-so-good shooters. I'm talking about guys whose mechanics are so bad they make your aunt Flo's jumper look pretty.

So...name the players...


Let's see Kemba, Gerald, Biyounbo, Gilchrist and Thomas. You want me to believe that this team is better than last season. Hate to say this but another long season for us.


Why would anyone take a player #2 who can't shoot the ball? Why would you want a player who has a significant problem with public speaking? No passes here, if you attend college, you should be able to speak in public. T Robinson, Barnes, Beal were all available and much better selections. Well, Tom, when basketball season starts, I will be here to remind you every day how bad your choice was.


Tom, I remember you were on the DJ Augustin bandwagon too.


@Dark Knight - nope, not Charlottean. Actually SFinSanFrancisco, which by the way the Warriors are making it really hard to stick with the Cats. Three top-notch shooters in Barnes, Curry, and Thompson around Bogut and David Lee? How do you defend that? Bogut might average 8 assists a game passing out to those shooters. Of course there's only 1 defender on that team so we'll see lots of 120-115 games next year.

MKG might be great or he might be Bruce Bowen/Tony Allen/James Posey. You can win a title with Bowen or Allen or Posey but I think in this case they have too many needs and the difference between MKG and the other guys at 2-5 dictated a trade back if you weren't sold on Beal as an All-Star.

At any rate, it's hard to be a Bobcat fan and doesn't look like next year will be much easier. At this point you just put your faith in Cho and cross your fingers. The BOGO season tickets offer I saw on the Observer Sports page this morning look cool though - Buy this season, get next for free? That's a whole lot of Miami Heat games for free.


Here we go again...
MKG is not going to come in and make any difference...(SAD)
Tom you should have want the real 2 best player in the Draft (Mr. Robinson)
The Cats blew it.....
Who's going to teach him who to shoot...?
Muggsy Bogues is teaching 8th grader's how to shoot and play the game...
Go get Muggsy...
You have no one to teach those guy's how to play the game.

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