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I think you all are missing the point. Gillie is a winner w/ a great attitude, great motor and exceptional leadership skills. We were NOT going to get the savior of the Franchise @ #2. Im sorry, Beal or Robinson was not the answer. Plus, neither are franchise guys. Im not saying MKG is but he has more star power than either. His shot may be ugly but he isnt a terrible shooter. Plus he is 18 years old and LED his team to a National Title as a freshman. We just drafted the rights to a guy with a clean image who will come to work and will not accept halfass effort from his teammates. We got a great, great talent and its up to the coaches to develop him. You guys are foolish to think what you saw at Kentucky was his ceiling. He couldve scored 20+ a game but that wasnt his role. He was charged with leading the team, shutting down the other teams best player and he was great at it. He steps up in big games too. Check out these numbers while playing as a freshman on a LOADED team...

2nd career game vs Kansas - 12pts 9 rbs 3blk
UNC - 17pts 11rb
IU - 18pts 9rb
Louisville - 24pts 19rb
@ UT - 17pts 12rb
UF - 13pts 13rb
NCAA vs IU - 24pts 10rb
NCAA vs Bay - 19pt 10rb

Point being in big games when his team needed a star he shined the brightest. Forgive me if im excited to have Gillie in Charlotte.

Digger Dan

How can we be excited about drafting a complementary player at best? He's got nothing to complement with the Cats. And you say he plays hard the whole game. Most of us believe that would make him the great exception in the NBA. How long before MKG learns that the NBA only plays hard in the fourth quarter? I don't see much hope for the future here.

Who cares

EPIC FAILURE!! Good grief what the heck is the Front Office thinking? So many teams wanted to move up that we easily could have done the deal with cleveland or portland and we would have gotten more picks and still gotten MKG or any number of players that would be BETTER then MKG. Yes, we could have had more picks and still gotten MKG but I think MKG was a AWFUL pick for us at #2, but we still could have gotten him later with C's or P's pick, not to mention all the other deals that were being proposed. Even the announcers were shocked and almost speechless when they made this pick....they were actually thinking we must have taken MKG as part of a trade we would soon hear about but nope..no trade and a wasted pick....Every draft expert agrred that this draft was deep with not much seperating #2-#18 and every expert fully expected us to take advantage of this scenario and trade down a couple spots while still getting the player we want plus a whole lot more.

Im just shocked. 1st they hire a college coach which todays high paid and spolied players dont respect and then they blew yet another draft that was almost impossible to fail at.

I dont like MKG..Maybe later but not at #2, but lets assume that MKG was 100% the player the cats wanted...WE STILL COULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM had we traded down PLUS get more high draft picks.......we could have landed 3 starters and all with great future potential.

Right now every draft expert is scratching their head....A) we dont need MKG (especially at #2) and B) we still could have gotten MKG AND ALOT MORE.....

The cats front office is the laughing stock of the NBA....Watch and see all the players drafted after MKG turn in to awesome players. MKG will be ok but MANY drafted after him WILL BE BETTER...Sheez we could have gotten T ROB (who we will be sorry we passed on) AND MKG -OR SOMEBODY BETTER THEN MKG.....

If folks dont like my opinion thats fine but EVERY FRIGGIN NBA ANALyst agrees with me on this......EPIC FAILURE!!!!

But it doesnt really matter as within 5 years The cats will not be in charlotte any longer and this draft sealed that deal.


Not what I would have done... But I wasn't at the workouts and I have to believe MJ, Higgins and Cho know BB better than me... I wanted Robinson!


If the trade with the Cavs was offered and we took it we could have taken Robinson, Plumlee and Draymond Green.

Sorry MJ and MKG - but I think that is a better deal...


for the record, that wasn't me above but I salute the individual for sharing the same mantra.

picking MKG @ 4 instead of 2 would have saved us 4 million over the first 4 years of rookie scale AND lowered the cap hold on the qualifying offer for year 5 should we not have him extended prior. It's HUGE from a pressure stand point, cap stand point, the added picks are effing icing as stated above.

this is not a bad pick, it's just not as good as it should have been given the leverage of picking 2nd in this kind of draft. I am positive that cleveland preferred beal over waiters, they just weren't going to take on thomas' contract. nobody was. They swung for the fences and hit it to the warning track. They could have had a double in the gap if they hadn't gotten greedy.

The fact that melo wasn't available at 24 helps make this not look like an absolute disaster but the fact that cleveland turned those picks into tyler zeller does not help. zeller would have been an ideal backup center in this league. I mean MKG or MKG and zeller at the same price. That's basically what it comes down to.

Now all the attention turns to how they handle the augustin situation. Hopefully better than the felton situation. If they let him walk without compensation it's going to be a tough pill to swallow. especially when 24 could have been teague. I don't see anybody offering a big deal to him. maybe in the 5-6 a year range for 3 years but I don't see him getting a 30 million plus commitment. Who has cap room that needs a pg? dallas? utah? orlando? new orleans? portland? toronto?

think about it, portland and pheonix just drafted pgs high. new orleans is probably thinking rivers can be westbrook esque as a pg next to gordon. dallas is not thinking augustin is the answer. toronto is about to give nash a godfather deal.

orlando is the only conceivable destination and that's assuming they prefer him over nelson which depends on what happens with howard and is STILL doubtful. and walker is not the answer for us. we need to go ahead and give DJ a 4 or 5 year deal front loaded as much as possible. that protects us long term. dude's going to have a break out year this year watch.


If K. Leonard drafted last year instead of K. Walker, then we could have drafted a Beal this year. However our true problem is that we still have no bigs to roam the paint. We can't score inside so we must shoot jumpers; but we keep drafting players who can't shoot. We cannot rebound missed jumpers nor can we stop others from going inside on us. Until we get some semblance of an inside game we'll always lose.

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I'm looking at his videos and I really don't see a horrible-looking shot. He's got decent form. He shot 74.5 percent from the free-throw line. That's not indicative of someone with a bad shot. He looks like an uber-competitive player with tremendous upside. Like his fire. Give him a chance. And oh by the way sign Brooke Lopez like you should've drafted him 4 years ago, and I'll be excited again about where we're heading. Go Cats (Hornets)! C'Mon MJ, make it happen!


Uh, how about MICHAEL JORDAN!!! When he came into league, he wasn't known at a great shooter but he, wait for it, worked at it. And we all know how that turned out.


What does public speaking have to do with running up and down a basketball court? For those who don't know, the kid has a speech impediment. Either way, you people can find the flaws in Jesus. The kid is 18 years-old, give him a chance. He's not a finished product but has the tools to great one day. Stop all this whining.


BAD #2 PICK, MKG he can't shoot.why not take thomas robinson.he's a beast.plan on saving my money. til MJ leaves town.hard to beleave the GOAT .can't spot any talent


Harrison Barnes will have a better NBA career than MKG. Anyone willing to place a wager?


Bobcats are on the rise. Kemba Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist are National Champions. Ben Gordon adds 3-pt scoring. Gerald Henderson is coming into his own. Byombo will be tough in year two. Mullens is a promising young 7' footer. Antawn Jamison would add points in the paint.


Def. should have taken Barnes. Have a feeling he will be much better because he can already shoot so well. I would have taken the guy who needs to learn to create off-dribble than the guy who needs to learn to shoot. No disrespect to MKG, but I don't see him being worth a his pick. I feel he was overhyped because he was in the championship team.


Time will tell?


I like this game alot better than the nba live 10 demo i tried. just got ps3 thisx-mas and got nba2k9 used and I like it alot . Its way in depth and is full of moves!! I am tnriyg my best to learn all the damn controls and plays and everything tho. its easy in practice to do a play but a bitch to pull off in the game!! lol Also iso motion is harder than it looks! Guess ya just got to practice alot to get it down! I still say its good and its only the 09 version! I bet nba2k10 is the shit!


The message you've wriettn here became particularly poignant for me this past week Lily started part-time preschool, and showing her there is a whole exciting world out there beyond just being with Mommy, and that the whole exciting world is not something to be afraid of, well, it's a big work in progress. A messy work in progress, and rightly so. Very powerful post. Thank you for sharing it Lilalia!


Go for it, Barbara! You have a great sense of story and good comic timing. Your blogs could prviode you with a great source of inspiration for some longer memoir pieces. Even fb entries, like the exchange between you and a friend about your feelings of being the younger sister of two stars. It might even be time to think about writing about Alicia. You've got talent and not all of it is musical. Being a musician will help you with the part that is hardest for me structure.


its great to see the legend doing the same good job as he done thuogrh out his carrier and shown that he is as good as he is.. i am really really enjoyed his innings.. he is the powerful batsman and a good player, wicketkeeper & captain and he is my favourate.

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