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Couldn't agree more-Jr. is a class act all the way and represents his home state well. I'm always rooting for the 88 car.


Heck no Why should they kick him out? Because he's a vocal perosn who creates controversy with what he says? Who cares. It's not like no one has ever heard the word Shull Bit or anything. As far as getting special treatment for being a previous championship, look at Dale Jarrett and Bill Elliott. There's 2 guys who have received huge special treatment with the stupid past championship starting the race they have no place to even be in. As far as Stewart leaving IRL, you may want to go check your facts. JGR offered him a great contract and gave him the opportunity to race for full venues unlike the IRL. I mean look at who the face of the IRL is now, a ***** who has never won a race, but demands that everyone bends over and kisses her feet because she led a handful of laps at the 1 place that IRL will actually sell out. I mean heck, Kyle Petty has won more races than she has. What's the hype all about? If it's something cool that a ***** is racing, where's the hype over a perosn who I have a lot of respect for Bill Lester. I loved what he said to an interviewer. They asked him what it meant for him to be the 1st black male to race in the Nextel Cup and Lester's response was a humble one indeed. I will be happy when this is not a top story on day. I don't see Danica or anyone else in the IRL saying that.


I think there might have been a possibility of that hapenping if he would've signed with Childress. Junior going to Hendrick squashed any shot at that hapenping however. I personally think Junior would've strongly considered Childress, but when Childress and DEI formed that partnership for DEI to get engine and chassis help from Childress that pretty much shut the door on a Junior to Childress deal.I still think before he retires, that Childress will drive for Childress, and his car will have a #3 on the side of it.

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