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Number 2? College football. No 3? College basketball. NBA is far down the list. OKC has provided some excitement this year, but most people don't care about NBA.

Fast  Freddie

Please tell me how MKG is any different from Gerald Wallace? And how good did they do building a team around him? Exactly.


Hell to the no!


The NBA product has gotten so much better in the last couple of years. Team play has improved dramatically, players are getting more physical without being thuggish, are there are enough legitimate superstars that it is beginning to feel like the late 80's again.

If people don't care about the NBA any more, it wouldn't hurt to give it another chance. The 2012 playoffs in most series have been outstanding.


Please don't take Harrison Barnes. That would be about as good as getting Austin Rivers....


My first choice would be to trade back, but word on the street is that Cho and Higgins are asking for a lot. That's not going to get us anywhere when the the talent differential between picks 2-13 is as marginal as it is in this draft.

We're not going to find a franchise savior this time around. The best we can hope for is to get a few pieces that helps us improve and strike gold in the lottery next year.

I'd love to get picks 6 and 11 from Portland and draft that Lillard from Weber State and Sullinger. In my opinion, we need a dynamic pure point guard instead of an undersized, shoot first PG/SG hybrid like Kemba and DJ. Sullinger was disappointing this year, but he'd be nice to have in the post.

English Professor CMS

Trade down, wait for next year and hope we land first pick.

Johnny T

Couldn't agree more with you tom. Barnes at 2 would be a complete disaster.


Well, glad you're not picking Tom. You obviously haven't seen MKG shoot. You don't draft a SF that can't shoot and he isn't as athletic as Wallace. If they don't draft Robinson who can step in right away as a scoring PF who doesn't mind banging then they need to trade back if possible.


The national media was calling Kwame Brown the next Kevin Garnett and had him as a consensus Top 3 pick. Now they rip Jordan for drafting the Anthony Davis level hyped player of that draft, but don't rip themselves for having said he was worth it at the time.

Jordan preferred Brandon Roy over Adam Morrison, but WHITE CHARLOTTE was infatuated with Morrison every day on local radio, so in that case, Jordan made a business decision and appeased the local idiots. Now they rip Jordan locally for having drafted Morrison, but they don't rip themselves for having wanted him.

It's about Jordan stops listening to you idiots in the media. Barnes has a higher ceiling than anyone in this draft not named Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond. NONE OF THEM MAY REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL, but if Barnes does, he'll be better than all of them, because those 6'6 & up wings usually are when they excel.

Anyone can improve a dribble. Gilchrist may never develop a reliable jumper.


Yeah what Trayntp said.......


"you don't waste the second highest pick in the draft on a jump shooter"???

adam morrison was slow and mental demoralized by the likes of Larry Brown to the point he never recovered.

Instead Talking Tom would love to select the kid who can't shoot (MKG) rather than a kid who can actually score.

Barnes will be a better pro than he was in UNC's system, 2 may still be high though so swap picks with Cleveland and work it to include A. Jamison in the deal - we'll get a 3 & 4 and we can sign a 5 with Bis to swing between the two spots.


I am a UNC fan and I agree that we shouldn't take Barnes at #2. Trading down is the best option but I think we would have a hard time finding another team in the top 10 that would give us any real value to move up to #2. At #2, I like Robinson or Beal. MKG seems like a career role player to me. All that said, comparing the idea of taking Barnes at #2 to Adam Morrison is a sin. Morrison was probably the worst pick in the last 20 years, and that includes Detroit taking Darko! The Stache did absolutely nothing in the league and generated a huge amount of hate and distrust amongst fans towards Bob Johnson and MJ. Barnes may not be a future All-Star (there may only be one in this draft) but he won't wash out of the league in 2-3 years.


Tom....you don't want us to get Harrison, but you want us to get MKG? Wow, that makes no sense when Harrison can do all the things MKG does, but is a much better player and more athletic. He just has a bad tournament and all a sudden he is garbage? He is more complete a player than MKG is and works just as hard. Also, we need a solid shooter anyways. He isn't Morrison either. In college did nothing but come off screens and shoot. Harrison did that and some. Barnes @ #2 is fine!!!


Meant to say in college Morrison did nothing more but come off screens and shoot. Harrison Barnes was in the post, rebounded, shot the 3, often was in iso(s) situations and went to the basket, played good defense as well.


Thomas Robinson is the #2 pick in this draft. Stevie Wonder can see that. Do not hesitate take him and move on.


To add to Trayntp's point. We might as well draft Robbie Hummel. That would appease this demographic right? If anyone watches basketball and saw Harrison freshman and sophomore year then they know this dude can play. Anyone who says MKG is better doesn't really watch bball because MKG is def a GDub, we traded him away remember!!!! Harrison @ #2.


Totally agree with trayntp on MJ, Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison. Harrison Barnes would fit really well with this Bobcats team.

MKG has the look of a poor man's Gerald Wallace.


Trade second pick and next years condition 1st round to Orlando for Dwight Howard and their 1st pick. Pick up I.A. from Philly. Pick up Ray Allen and KG from Boston. Us Orlando's first pick to pick up good prospect. Trade DJ or Kemba to Indiana for Collison.


Morrison and Barnes are all together different players. Health may have also taken toll on Adam. Plus his psyche may have suffered more than his game.
It's amazing that most of you were calling for them to pick Morrison and made the same comments about Brandon Roy.
Barnes could well turn out to be the best of all these guys. Gilcrest is also one dimensional. he has to add to his game also.


Why would you take MKG? He's the same player as Henderson, minus an average at best jump shot. If not Robinson, it should be Barnes. The kid can shoot the lights out and will only get better. Charlotte fans are so fickle. If the kid played anywhere but Carolina, you'd love him. Of course if you can trade down, you certainly do that!


Very creative Stephen but I don't think we can trade next year's 1st because we already owe our 2014 to Chicago (Tyrus Thomas trade) and I'm pretty sure the NBA won't let you trade your 1st round pick in back to back years.


I'm gonna laugh when ya'll are having this conversation next year when Barnes is a star...


Tom, sorry but I think you're off on this one. MKG is NOT worth the #2 pick right now. We already have Henderson, who has the same skills + a semi-jump shot. This team needs scorers. I'd take Barnes all day, every day before I'd take MKG at #2 if that were the only choice. Be thankful for Thomas Robinson. He is the player the Bobcats were HOPING Tyrus Thomas would be. Robinson is the best choice at #2!


people love to forget how good morrison was before he got hurt. it's as if that never happened. dude never got a shot after he got hurt. that's like talking about brandon roy being horrible because he's retired.

kemba walker just finished a rookie season equally as mediocre, on an equally horrible team and nobody talks about what a waste of a pick he was instead of kawhi leonard or kenneth faried or chandler parsons or iman shumpert. circumstances lead to results too, let's not leave out all the details out of a story.

and please enlighten us as to who has a better resume than barnes. the dude has an 8 and a half foot standing reach to go with a 39.5 inch vertical. and he actually knows how to use it and has shown that repeatedly for 2 years. let's go with the guy that can't score to compliment our non-scoring offense. is dominic mcguire available too?

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