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Robert Kornegay

Bobcats should draft Rivers and Sullinger with their 2 1st rounds picks (#2 & #31). Rivers is the only PG in this draft who is ready to play in the NBA right know. Sullinger has a NBA type body and will only get better.


Let's just get Shaw as the coach, and then draft Thomas Robinson!

Who cares

No brainer and im a DIEHARD HEELS FAN. The ONLY option at #2 is ROBINSON. PERIOD! Not Barnes, Not MKG.

If not, and this is likely the better option then taking Robinson at 2 is to trade down somehow, someway and get Portlands # 6 & 11 picks. With those 2 picks we can get 2 very good players and since it is very hard to discern who is best after #1 this year, it really is a no brainer. The 11th pick could easily be a player far better then whoever goes at #2.

The bottom line is there are no clear cuts 'whos best' between #'s 2- 11 and that answer wont be known for years. So we missed the only sure thing (if there is such a thing) by not getting #1. Now the SMART thing would be to not waste #2 on a player who may not be as good as a player drafted at 11 and instead trade the #2 for # 6 & 11. I'd be willing to bet that 1 of the 2 and maybe both picked at 6 & 11 end up better then whoever goes at #2.

Unfortunately, The BOOBCATS (yes, the mispelling was intentional) are not known for doing the 'smart' thing, so im not expecting them to break that mold. Nor do I agree with trading for Harden, Roy or anybody else...We dont need a veteran that is going to get frustrated on a losing team with so much youth and who will be gone in a year or 3. We need solid young players to build upon the future.

Robert I

Folks, the only thing that makes sense to me is to trade down with Cleveland if they will. Get Robinson at 4 and get a Jenkins or Barton with the Cleveland's 2nd round pick and with the 1st pick in the 2nd round there will still be good players available. Go after a decent big man in the free agent market (Kaman, Hawes, ???) and you have really improved the whole team. Oh, then run some of those overpaid guys that aren't worth their sneakers off.

My .02

Robert I

I meant to say Cleveland's 2nd 1st round pick if they will trade with us - our 1st (the 2nd pick) for their two first round picks.

big daddy

sounds as if there is no one in the draft worth taking after Davis is selected #1 ..................
we're screwed yet another season of horrific basketball!


If we keep the #2 pick. It should either be Harrison Barnes or Thomas Robinson. Anything else would be a reach.


I believe that Harrison Barnes and Anthony Davis has more upside than anybody in the draft. He was a third option sometimes at Carolina. Carolina went to Zellar first,Henson second and then Barnes. Barnes still led Carolina in scoring. Keep sleeping on Barnes. Barnes will be a way better pro than he was in college.


Thomas Robinson. Ok. Don't get cute. Take the best player available. He carried his team to the championship game with lesser talent than Davis had around him. A no brainer for real basketball minds.


Barnes is garbage. Take Robinson and get a FA


Bobcats don't fall for the old shell game. Stats don't lie. It's Robinson. Get it right this time with a high draft pick.


MKG will never reach Barnes and his level in the NBA mark my words. If we do not get a scorer in this draft we may peek beyond the realms of no coming back. You can not build around players who only play defense and couldn't make a jumper (Robinson and MKG) if you made the hoop 3 times bigger. Barnes almost shot 40 percent from the 3 point line and is 6'8. We have no future SF and need one BADLY. Not to mention he had the best combine scores and the highest vertical leap. People say he has no athleticism where do you figure? Was it his perfect fade away shot or the dunks on other players? Or the speed that he runs the floor. It's just people who want us to pass on him so he goes somewhere else. If they pick someone else besides him they will REGRET it and comparisons to Adam Morrison is ridiculous and idiotic at BEST. He could school Morrison probably with his eyes closed and you jokers know it.


I totally believe that trading down is the best option right now, but really is there any team that would give us a top 10 pick and a veteran or two top 20 picks?

If they decide to use #2 pick MKG, he may be a gerald wallace kind of player but I still wouldn't trust him that high. If we drafted him to be our 3-4th option then great, but you know, we haven't found our first option yet!

For me any choice at #2 is a risk (Robinson, MGK, Beal, Barnes). So why not taking that risk by drafting a big man like Drummond?

But of course trading down is the first option!


Drummond @ #2 or trade down.

Zed Naught

Dear Dummies -

Although it's true that Kwame was a much heralded pick, Jordan was pushing the Wiz hard to trade for Brand. So Kwame is not his cross to bear. Let's end this nonsense.

The Morrison pick was also rated very highly by ESPN, RealGM, etc. Don't play armchair quarterback. It's damn near impossible to gauge the bust potential of draft picks - they all react to the pressure of the NBA differently. Morrison was considered a good pick at the time.

MKG is not a #2 pick.

Take T-Rob or trade down.




All monocausal explanations are to be held in suspicion. - Miroslav Volf


We avg 87 pts last year and drafting MKG is the better option? U think he can get that jumpshot off against highly skilled wing defenders in the NBA? Good player but bad fit for Bobcats! People who say Barnes will not be good in the NBA clearly can't seperate college good from NBA good. Put your glasses on and quit following the crowd!

Ron R

Everybody has these great trade ideas to improve the Bobcats.
Only problem is these are terrible trade ideas for whoever we want to trade with and will not be executed by any other teams' GM who wants to keep his job.

Sports don

It's a crap shoot as Oden vs Durant proved. We might be watching Blazers vs. Heat Final. You can't blame Morrison on anyone but him, he turned out to be a world class puss both here and in LA.

Sports don

My lasting image of Morrison is him always sitting at the end of the bench in cheap suits with that whiny quiter look on his face.


Barnes Suck!!! Take Robinson


We all see what drafting all the Tarhole chumps has gotten us. Barnes just like the Tarholes is overrated.


The NBA product is garbage as witnessed last night. Miami shot 23 FT in the second half and that is the only way they have won several games in the playoffs. The officials are horrible and its easy to see why people think it is rigged. Just look at the draft lottery.

Season Ticket holder for now

If they take him my season tickets are gone.

Stop saying pick 2-12 are the same. They are not if you watched college ball this year. There are dreams and then reality.

Robinson was 2nd best with Kidd close 3rd period. No one else even close.

I love the Top 100 article and where they came from. We need to keep #2 and trade cap space etc.. to get #10-25 or so.


take shaq or magic johnosn with the 2nd pick, let 1 of them come out of retirement, got to be better than current draft.

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