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Like a roller-coaster ride, this novel takes you on a fast trip acsors several continents so you better buckle up! Firmly based in reality with just the right hint of the future, Unintended Consequences makes you wonder how much of this is happening now and the government just doesn't want you to know about it. Peter Savage is no superman. He's just a regular guy like you and me who gets thrown into a whirlpool of covert ops and international greed and he is forced to survive or die trying. The plot twists and turns keeping you guessing how it will all end. A great read!!!


I have always loved sortps, playing them was my main thing, I was into basketball mainly, but I have played football, and track. 1 year ago, I fractured a bone in my back called a disc, and then I had to quit sortps. So what is their to do thats closest to sortps, where I can still be involved? Coaching, is what I now dream of doing to help people become the best at that sport, and have fun and make a memory, and make a new family.

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justice for Ted White served...finally. I hope justice still awaits Tina and Richard. pronaetdzgt
good ehbnjvi!!


DQ, thanks for the info on Eldridge Cleaver and for the book rnmomceedation. Another Black Panther associate (who later left due to ideological differences), James Carr spent his childhood in Aliso Village and also burned down his school (Malabar)! His autobiography, Bad is among my favorite books.


Ah, glad I got rid of my B&N membership when it epxerid then. Amazon Prime sounds good, but I prefer going into the stores and picking out books, even if I end up spending more. Yay indie bookstores!

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