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I cannot understand why Sorenson constantly promotes MKG. His shot is horrible, broken, has a major flaw, and may never be "fixed". Tom talks about players he loves like women talk about men; they always think if they marry them they can change them. Name for me players in the NBA who are stars, who had horrible shooting in college, but transformed that into butter at the next level? Exactly. MKG is the kind of player you draft if you've already got stars and need a glue guy, and you're not picking as high as 2nd (or 3rd through 5th). We need a lot more than glue.

Beal could be a very good guard in this league and is worth considering at 2. He will always be undersized, may never possess elite athleticism, and is no sure thing to become a prolific 3 point shooter at the next level. But he is worthy of consideration with Thomas Robinson for our pick.

Jason Warren

There are plenty of players with a much worse looking shot than Gilchrist. Shawn Marion has had a pretty good career and he basically shoots from his waist.


Hey Tom,

When does Thomas Robinson and Harrison Barnes come in for their woekout?

Tim Smith

Does he already have ice on his knees?

English Professor CMS

Who does Tom love more today, Dale JR. or MKG?? That is the question. You are a grown man quit with this slurping.

Season Ticket holder for now

Did anyone else watch March Madness. Did Robinson not look awesome each and every game against all these so called 2-12 all the same picks. How many point and bounds in championship game against Davis... Did you see him this season.
Tons of grit and stop looking for 1 shot savior. We have next years draft also trust me...lol


If the Bobcats take MKG, might as well chalk up another bust blog. We already have an athletic guard/forward who can't shoot, why do we need another one. This is a tough spot for the Bobcats. We already have alot invested in 2 PF's (Thomas/Bis), so how do you draft Robinson?

I'm putting it down now, the Bobcats WILL select Barnes. And I can't wait to listen to local sports radio! Haha.

Jason Warren

MW. I certainly hope you aren't trying to compare Corey Maggette and Gilchrist. If Maggette played half of the defense that Gilchrist does he may have made a couple all-star games.


We already have alot invested in 2 PF's (Thomas/Bis), so how do you draft Robinson?

You draft him because he's a better player. DJ White may or may not be back next season. Biz is more of a 6'9" center and is a different type player than Robinson. We need an upgrade at power forward.

Scott Silverstein

Beal is gonna be a better pro !!!

Tim Smith

Don't take this MKG he already has ice on his knees. You don't ice knees if they're not sore. Sore Knees = Injury Prone! Too risky for #2 pick. I don't care how good he is. INJURY PRONE!!!!


You have to draft Thomas Robinson, Beal is too small to take that early on a TEAM WITH SO MANY NEEDS.

WISH YOU COULD GET OUT OF THAT TYRUS THOMAS CONTRACT.. HE IS THE SAME PLAYER NOW THAT HE WAS WHEN HE CAME INTO THE LEAGUE. HE HASN'T GOTTEN ANY BETTER. Once again no reason Matt Carroll can't be a JJ Redick, Kyle Korver, Jason Kapono, type.. need the right PG and inside post presence. It will cost too much but, I would like to see Gerald Wallace come back. Build after the OKC model. Get young and athletic and the right coach.. BRIAN SHAW.


If I were FORCED to use the #2 pick this year, I'd draft Beal or Robinson. If given a choice, I'd shop the #2 pick for other 1st round picks from teams looking to trade up. The pick could carry value to get more bang for the buck.


The best bet is to trade down with somebody and pick up another first rounder. I think Cleveland would be the best move - trade #2 and Thomas for #4 and #24. Thomas might do well for the Cavs since they have a strong PG. At #4 we can still likely get Robinson and then John Jenkins at #24. I love the fact they are looking at James - i think he would be a GREAT rookie free agent or mid to late second rounder.


I would also consider trading #2 plus Thomas to Cleveland for #4 and #33 and #34 or Portland for #6, #11 and #40.

Either way - we could get four new players and in this deep draft don't be surprised if there are some great players drafted in the second round.


Miles Plumlee is moving up the draft boards... That is too bad - i had hoped the Cats could get him as a rookie free agent. He is going to be much better than most people think at the next level. Same with Benard James and Henry Sims. They are also moving up the draft boards... Three big guys who will be just like Nick Collison of the Thunder.


The most important positions in the NBA in are PG, Wing, and Center. Having a good PF is a luxury, but no one truly builds a team around one now. Bosh is the 3rd wheel on the Heat. A good player but not what you build a franchise around.


No matter who they pick, next season will be another long one. Hopefully, these young players keep improving and we finally dump these awful contracts. If we do entertain trade offers, do not give Mark Cuban the time of day. He has fleeced us enough!


Dom hit on something I've been thinking regarding Miles Plumlee. I think he will likely be a solid pro. Not spectacular, but definitely serviceable. It would have been nice to be able to nab him while people were looking the other way. MP is cut from the mold of old school, rugged bigs who play hard. The Bobcats could use a healthy dose of that. It might rub off on Mullens a bit too.

Austin McClellan

Mike Dunlap new bobcats coach guys

George Hanson

Beal in......Kemba off to the Italian League! HAHAHA!!!!


Just pick Robinson and move on


Some of these commentas are wow....
First off.. Miles Plum is soft..did you not watch the player play against guy's that where faster and stronger..NOT what the CAT'S need...
by the way Whats with the new name THE CAT'S
Question... what kind of cat are we now...?

The new coach Mike Dunlap... let's save that money and go for the cheapest coach we can go with...
Note: This sounds like a Sam Vince move...

Lets just be straight up.. Micheal,Rod and Fred do not know what they are doing and should sell the team to someone who knows talent and can make quality decision...

Who's going to pay to watch that Hot Mess!!!!

Let's get our team back!

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