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slim shady

if MJ picks Barnes i am gonna laugh until i tinkle a little bit.

Barnes peaked a few yrs back i think, and that wasn't that great.


With the #2 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The Charlotte Boobcats select Harrison Barnes from the University of North Carolina. Holla!

slim shady

Barnes got worse under Roy's coaching.....typical. I bet the great new Cats coach can coach him up better if we pick him.


The news Cats coach will be gone in 3 years...not fired...but he'll move with the team to Seattle. Name change to the Supersonics...Jordan will eventually sell after he takes another 2 losing seasons and millions in losses. Let's face the facts, since the city got burned by the Hornets years ago, and we have the Panthers we cannot support 2 professional teams. This is a college basketball state...


ABCrs out in full force. your team sucks so all you have is hate. what a sorry pathetic bunch of little turds you are.

Coach K's ballz are old

the 'Cats are going to trade down and get more draft picks. there isn't a clear #2 in this draft.

Yo Mamma

Tom - you need to shave, cut that buttcut haircut and lose some LBs


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Nike Free 3.0

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Alisa Emmett Okay I love them all of course but my fraovite is the one where she is sitting on the bench .all in color! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The girls are super cute too! I know how hard it was to get that one but you did it!

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