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Otah would definitely become a distraction if he returned to the team locker room. I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be cut immediately upon reporting.

Tough to swallow when a player loses his heart for football when he is so gifted at playing it. Maybe when those paychecks quit showing up at the bank, he might get his butt in gear and get back in shape for some other team. Since many teams are now trying to add clauses into 1st rounder contracts to deal with this type of situation. It would be nice if the Panthers didn't have to pay for the rest of his salary.


FuquayFan <-- well said!


The 7th rounder isn't worth all the trouble. The doc says it is structurally sound. Sounds more like he doesn't want to play at all. Time to cut him and move on. Maybe someone who has no chance to compete this year will sign him and put him on the IR list.

Big Ron

If his knee is structurally sound, why did the Jets say he did not pass the physical??? That doesn't make any sense.
They didn't say he was lazy or didn't try hard...they said he didn't pass the physical...


Conditioning, sir. You gotta meet certain criteria, and Blotah couldn't.


A good man with alot of talent and ability but his body is just not able to keep up with his desire. You hate to see this happen to someone so young with so much potiental. I wish him well not only on the field but in life as well.


Has anybody talked with this guy? I've never read so much as a single quote from him. I'd like to hear his side before accepting the conventional wisdom that he's a slacker.

Lambros Balatsias

I think Otah would thrive with the Jets. Can you see Tim Tebow reaching out to him and working out with him??? Imagine having Otah protect his blind side? He would be Pro Bowl as a right guard with Tebow..


Otah spends more time at Uptown Cabaret than he does on the practice field. Dont believe me? Ask the girls, they'll tell ya.

Duke Robinson

"Cool - now that your cut Jeff, we can hang out and do nothing and slowly watch our fortunes disappear." Sincerely, Duke Robinson


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