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Welcome to the new UACC Blog. The club welcomes ceommnts and information that helps the autograph collector. We will not tolerate any and all attacks on any person or organization as we feel it to not be beneficial to collectors. Let us know what you think of the new additions to the website or the new Pen & Quill.


I can't even imagine how I could hldane all this chaos & insensitivity of these paparazzi & cameras and having no personal space. I feel so sorry for celebs like Alex. I also feel guilty though because I do like seeing & hearing about Alex. I would never knowingly buy anything from someone that takes advantage of these celebrities. Yes, it may be part of their job & they should expect it, but there should be limits to the hounding and ability to take their picture without their consent. I would hope if I ever had the good fortune to meet Alex, I would not "lose my grip" and forget my manners. Although, I may get weak in the knees and may need help to stay standing, lol. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy your comments.

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Yeah, usually I would love to post my URL but am searcd what I am about to say would get me booted from some Affiliate Programs.I love your thought on how we as internet marketers, we have to understand its our industry to blame. May I suggest this extends a bit further. The Affiliate Programs can be to blame (as are we, the conduits of said programs), and we all seem to be part of that racket. We get our programs with high payouts and then offer the world a scam. Really, has anyone made money filling-out surveys? I have made money telling people they would make money filling-out surveys, and they sign-up to only then be shoved 30 other make money offers, magazine buys, credit card offers, etc. I just scammed them for what- a $1.40 CPA?Yesterday, I started taking down my offers which were not legitimate. Included was an airline offer and a Blockbuster offer that had nothing to do with either the airline or Blockbuster (I visited blockbuster.com and found who was their Affiliate Program of choice, signed up). Another was a children's book offer (Dr, Suesss), which I distributed throughout my web site. I thought it had the elements which my audience would want, after clicking I found the offer was not valid in my area so I was redirected to a Vegas travel offer. As a matter of fact for this particular Affiliate Program I have only three remaining offers- a travel offer (I figure everyone should know there is a sales pitch when you get there), steaks, and dating. Sad thing is, this program offers the highest payouts and best promotions of the three affiliate programs I utilize. In good conscience I should not do their offers if I want to be honest with my site's visitors, but the high payouts are hard to give-up. I should want to take care of them (my visitors) as they are taking care of me by visiting and being loyal in visiting again.The two remaining programs are CJ and Linkshare, and I feel good using their programs because there are no scams. Just honest merchants promoting their wares. Sadly, they also pay a lot less. I have pushed I-Tunes hard but 5% for a $.099 download? And I am not even getting volume or high conversions.So, when people not in affiliate marketing get their hackles up, we should be understanding as we are often the one's who brought the wolf to hen house.


That is called siipnnng your wheels. You are busy but not making progress. In my opinion it would be better for you to 1. STOP2. Re-evalute how your time is spent.3. Figure out what you want to achieve with your blog and set a goal.4. Make a plan to get there5. Implement the planIf I only had enough time for either one post a day and nothing else, I would reduce my posting to 3 times a week. Then focus on promoting the blog and generating revenue. I have blogs that get one post every three days and do well. The combination of getting traffic is more content and more links you need to be doing both.If you do not set a goal you will spend way too long investing in something because you have nothing to measure against. If in 6 months you are losing money on a blog but you had no solid goal or plan, you have to ask yourself what did you expect? The saying If you do not know where you are going, every road will take you there is important. You are only lost if you are trying to get somewhere.


Well said Jason . I have participated in many fora and am quite proud of the fact that my name has aaywls been consistently associated with fair play, respect and total honesty in my dealings with others.I can honestly say that I respect all that you say here on John Cow . and am amazed at the amount of knowledge you possess. If I could learn 10% of what you know I would be able to give up the day job and happily make a living from the net. You have provided excellent guidance and you have convinced me to sign up with Yaro! If you were to offer a simliar mentoring programme I'd have no hesitation signing up.The world is full of fools, idiots, morons . it is also full of genuine and honest people . stick at it Jason and Audrey . your time is appreciated.Paddy Bloggits last blog post..


My favorite thing about the hoidalys? MAKING COOKIES lots of cookies. Cookies that I ONLY bake during the hoidalys. I try to be creative during the year (even managed to bake a couple of new kinds THIS year), but for Christmas I start scouring the magazines and cookbooks to see what new kinds I can put on my cookie platters. woo hoo! THIS year I see I should be considering putting cute tags and labels on my platters! Gotta get busy! Only 124 days till Christmas!

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If it were not for adults obsessing over sports and the athletes that play them, you wouldn't have a job, Tom. Wow, this borders on a sports writer admitting that sports, or more specifically sports culture, is stupid. Quit your job if it's all so silly to you.

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