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Auburn University paid him 250k for his autograph.


Auburn also got a NCCA National Championship out of it as well moron. He'll get a few Super Bowls rings as well. Mark my word turd.


What a silly article this is. Theres also millions of adults across this country who spends millions of dollars to see thier favorite athletes play. Not to mention the money spent on souveniers/hats/jerseys/etc. There is nothing wrong with an adult getting an autograph every now and then. Kids should always be priority, but if the opportunity presents itself, then there's nothing wrong with it.


LMAO!!! I agree, they got a Championship out of it. And who cares? Cam can play and does so very well. Let it be.


Tom, you just don't understand being a diehard fan do you?


Tom, this is one of the things we agree on. Great for kids, lame for adults ...

Chuck, the post made me laugh. Nice.

Tom Fan

Tom, usually love your views but you've made this same lame remark multiple times before. I challenge that you are probably more enamored than must "adults" by choosing, as your profession, to use your journalistic skills following athletes which are younger than you. The fact that you don't seek autographs is irrelevant...you have access that most of us can't imagine. So, please forgive us mere mortals that get excited about seeing or meeting a celebrity athlete (which your profession has helped to create the allure)...it's just a highlight in our otherwise regular lives.

Keep your sports analysis coming, just give us a break on this high brow stuff.

PS: You should recognize that when you agree with Scott you are probably wrong! :))


even the sports writer is a hater. I bet if it was drew brees,or aron rodgers ,manning, or tim tebow.everyone would have been jumping for joy.

Just Bill

Couple of years ago we left Panthers Fan Fest with my 11 year old neice in tears because we couldn't fight through the adults getting what had to be investment autographs. But I have to give props to Jerry Richardson. I wrote him a letter about it, and I got a reply inviting us to a Saturday morning practice. They didn't come back to Charlotte that season, but it was a nice gesture.


I'll bet if cam would have turned down the event on his own.this story would have been about how he does not appreciate his fans !

Orioles Fan

THANK YOU Smitty and Greg. I agree with your comments.

Tom, I have an idea for ya; STAY HOME and leave the autographs for the rest us sports fans.

MY joy in life comes from being a fanatical baseball fan. At games I am 50+ kid and a sour-puss like Tom will never ever stop me from enjoying my favorite sport.

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the [Orioles],
If they don't win, it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, at the old ball game.



Mostly these events are for collectors, and sports memorabilia fanatics. A lot of these will be re-sold on eBay, thus the charge.

Arn Swenson

I'd have to say an adult who fawns after an athlete 20 to 30 years his junior has more problems than just a regular life. Have you guys ever stepped back and observed how silly you look fighting for a player to sign something for you? I'm curious myself as to what you do with the autographs. Do you hold them close to your cheek, caress them softly? Sorry but going to a ballgame and enjoying youself is fine. You cross the line when you're 50 and begging a player to sign your cap.

Cassandra Sadler

When I heard about this autograph signing, I immediately thought it was for charity. If the money is going to charitable organizations, it's a great idea. However, for one who has millions of dollars, I don't understand the greed.

cat fan

kids do not respect the autograph. i have seen them get a ball signed only to turn around and play with the ball. i happen to enjoy collecting autographs. sure i feel like a moron asking a kid way younger thah me to sign but, i always let kids go first. i am not pushy or rude and have not sold or given away anything i have had signed. i am just a huge fan and collector, that makes me a bad person?


What an idiotic column.

"I wasn't in town to see that most of the poeple in line were there with their children, but 15 years ago some adults wanted Charles Barkley's autograph, and I thought that was dumb."

I smell a Pulitzer in your future.


Let's carry this to it's logical conclusion, shall we? If adults are too old for autographs then they are, also, too old to wear the players jerseys, too old to act as fools in the stands, too old to waste time watching grown men on TV running around in a field with a ball; and, moreover, to old to be a person "writing" in an adult newspaper about all the aforesaid nonsense in the first place!


Ummmmmmm-I don'y know if you realize it or no, but an autographed card or football is woth much more signed!!!!_---That's why adults do it---horrible article..sorry---at least it's your opinion.

John J Smith

just part of that sportshead mentality- the same way wearing your players jersey 'connects' you--


I couldn't disagree more. I got Derek Jeters autograph his rookie year. Am now 31 years old and still look at it everyday as it's on display at my house. Along with my Gerald Wallace signed jersey that's framed. There's these things called man caves that autographed memorablilia goes great in.

I think alot of the things Tom writes are dumb. Like the 35 articles about Kidd-Gilcrest that he wrote like he had some sort of man crush on him.

graph fan

Some people have hobbies. Some people collect things (autographs), some people hunt, some people golf, it is all part of life. Some people are kids at heart. If it wasn't for the fans there would not be multi-millionare atheletes. Some kids have no clue who's autograph they are getting.
If it weren't for fans Tom would need a different occupation. Sorry Tom I disagree with you. Better luck next time.


There is a multi billion dollar market that sells autographed memorabilia. Pro athletes have been selling their signatures in their respective team home towns since the beginning of sports.

If sports writers continue to prove that Charlotte isnt big enough for Cam, he will leave. Shut your mouth!

This is nothing new. What a waste of time.

big daddy

Bone Head Tom STRIKES again! Dude obviously you dont have enough to do or write about. If someones wants Cam's autograph or whomever in sports or the entertainment industry thats THEIR perogative! You said yourself you wanted Ali's autograph but decided not to! Thats your lost! Why do you keep trying to turn folks against Cam man???? Hey obviously it wasnt a bad decision by some b/c 300 folks turned out and paid! Who cares the numbers where low but some people were willing to spend their money and time to get his autograph! All you're doing is continuing to allow Cam haters (b/c there are some); to continue to comment with hate toward the guy and nothing about his athletic ability on the field. Tom grow up man!!!! This is pathetic!!!!!!!!


It just seems low class all the way around. For those seeking the autograph, and especially for someone selling it.

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