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And do get me wrong, Im not saying there is anything childish about the signed jerseys, bats, balls, and memoribilia. I just meant why would you ever go up and have someone sign their autograph on a piece of paper for you.


As I've said a gazillion times, the reason the signature of a person who performs their job in front of TV cameras is so coveted and valuable is because America is buried up to its collective eyebrows in celebrity worship. Even Sorenson openly admits to worshipping Ali.

What is it with this celebrity worship? When a celebrity does things we approve of, we put him/her on a pedestal, follow his/her every breath and move, go all ga-ga when we see him/her in public, believe that we have a right to get all up in his/her face and interrupt whatever (s)he is doing, and above all, expect him/her to be as perfect as Jesus.

Then, when that celebrity engages in any activity we disapprove of, or turns out to not be as perfect as Jesus and commit some kind of sin, we feel entitled to call him/her every filthy name in the English language and demand they return to doing things only we approve of.

Tom's right. It's stupid. It's all stupid.



Even though this article has very little to do with Cam Newton, I like how you threw his name into the title to make sure that people would read it. Well played.


tom u probably couldnt get a quarter for youes


I think as a man asking another man for his autograph is pretty lame. However if you have a son who is a big fan of an athlete and you see that person out it would be tempting to ask for it for your kids sake. Otherwise count me out.


Just do what I do with this arse clown, Ton (me myself & I) Sorenson. I attempt to read his drivel until he says the word "I". I then stop right there....As you can see by this article, he once again let me off the hook after the first word. What a no talent dink in a town that can't tell...


So Tom is saying because he, as an adult, does not want an autograph of a professional athlete then it is "dumb" for any other adult to want one. How can I put this delicately, A$$HOLE.


Just think if they were allowed to use thier EBT cards Tommy Boy..

Hogan Jenkins

the comments are so priceless on here!!!!

If you're above 16 years old and still want an autograph from another human being - you're pathetic. Period.

Your husband/wife/mom/dad/child sign stuff all day, but people hold a strangers signature - of all things, in high regard? So much so that they decorate their houses with it? And you can't compare this to hanging up jrs finger paintings - unless you're brain dead.

I do agree I think they show this stuff off b/c it makes them think they are connected with the person that signed it lololol, so priceless. WOW!


I think the main point here is that Cam Newton signed autographs for those who paid 125 bucks. I was once outside their Saturday practice last year, actually the last weeek of the season and he along with DeAngelo Williams wouldnt even stop for my son. Cam ignored me and DeAngelo said he wasnt in the mood. There were onyl about 10 people out there total. So thought I would throw that our there for the kids that these athletes dont have time for even when its only a few.

Brittany Logan

How many autograph hounds beat their wives you ask? 86%! YES 86%!!

I have the stats to back that up. Just visit http://piv.pivpiv.dk/ if you don't believe me.


Amazing... Tom and I actually agree on something!

I still think the Cats should have traded down with Houston - Terrance Jones is going to be a star and we could have had Plumlee and another potential stud but instead we have a guy who is ALREADY HURT!

I will get over it I guess but all the players I was pushing are showing big already in the summer league. Even Banard James is playing well. Jon Kreft isn't getting minutes but is on his way to making the league too. Dee Bost is scrubing so maybe I missed one.... I am not giving up completly on MKG - but he isn't going to be as good as Terrance Jones.

ok - so this is about autographs. When people ask me for mine I just tell them I view it as an invasion of my privacy. Even the kids. Sorry - I will initial things sometimes - but that is all. My "autograph" isn't for sale... I don't even like signing checks...... hahahahaha


So to recap - I wanted to trade down with Houston and draft Terrance Jones, Moe Harkless and Miles Plumlee at 14, 16 and 18.

I like the Taylor pick at #31 - he is very solid and should have been picked around 24.

I have REALLY like the other moves the Cats have made. That Ben Gordan trade was brilliant. Letting DJ go for Ramon Sessions was also a great move. I like DJ - but Walker is the guy now and Sessions is starter material too. Haywood still has a couple good years left so all great moves by the Cats. I would trade that pick we got from Detroit for Terrance Jones or Miles Plumlee if I could...


Kent, sorry man - I would have said hello and shook your hand but not signed sh!t...

I am amazed at all this clowns who do sign all the time. They think it is cool and being nice to the kids but they can be nice and say hello or shake a hand. People who are not famous don't understand what an autograph really is - it is your signature !! Would you really want people to have your signature? I know, I know - don't use your real signature for an autograph (which is why i only give initials if anything) but how many of those guys do you think have more than one signature.... If the guy is writing his name then chances are it is the same way he signs checks, credit card receipts, etc, etc - people who are not famous would NEVER give that away for free if at all!


People don't ask me anymore for autograph - at least not often. I set a precedence - even if I took some flack for it. If someone thinks they recognize me in a public place i just tell them i look kinda like that guy - but if I was really him do you think i would be here without body guards? That always works....

When I am on stage I wear a wig - nothing crazy but it makes me look like i have longer hair. That and some good sunglasses which you need on stage anyway due to the lights and most people don't really know what you look like anyway! plus I am short so that helps a lot since people always assume a person is tall if they are famous. Tom Cruise is 5'7"... Elton and Prince are 5'3"....

These athelets can't escape as easy though - even Lady Gaga does a lot more in public than people realize but since she looks normal in public people have no idea who she is! hahaha - some method to her madness...

john holmes

Tom, are you high? Perhaps the adult getting an autograph is getting it for their kid. OR.......perhaps it is because IDIOT COLLECTORS TRY AND MAKE MONEY/BUSINESS OUT OF AUTOGRAPHS! Why do you think he is charging for them Tom? He has a contract. He is getting paid to do so.


What is the world coming to? We finally agree on something.

PS - WVU just scored on Clemson again.


i agree with Tom as far as getting just an autograph of someone younger than me...but on the other hand i have to admit if Steve Smith tossed a game-worn elbow pad into the stands that , yes, I would be leaping for it


Tom....did you know that an autograph of William Shakespeare goes for around $2.5 million.......Thats why.


I think autographs for adults are ok, but don't like this paying for them. I have a couple baseballs with Hank Aarons autograph on them (got them at the old Atlanta stadium, many years ago), passed them on to my son, who will pass them on to his son. No harm there. There are a few athletes who I would ask for an autograph, but not many.


One more thing.....I agree with the person who said because Tom has access to these athletes, it is different for him. Also, he sees them in a different light I'm sure. I think he is a closet "sniffer", and it's time he became a man and admitted it.


I like Tom's writings and agree with him but when I saw this headline I saw controversy all over it. I would imagine that's what Tom wanted. :-)


My God this is about the millionth CO article on this frickin' signing engagement! I have a dead horse that I would like you guys to come over and beat. Thank you.


this whole story about newton selling his sig is so bush league. the criticism of newton and the people who will pay for his sig is unwarranted and i do not think any less of either for participating in this trade.

is this the only story you can give us on newton now? when will you stop writing on this nonsense?


I had a dream the other night that the Panthers stunk up the field this season, and Newton resorted to his sulking ways which added to the problems. If that comes true, he'll be lucky if he can give his autograph away in a few months.

The whole thing bugs me. If adults wanted his autograph, that seems kind of odd. If he was selling them mostly to kids (through the parents), that's just so greedy on his part. Just my passing observation as I'm not really obsessed with the Panthers at any rate.

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