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Agree. No penalty too harsh, though I honestly do hate it for the current athletes and students who had absolutely nothing to do with the epic failings of those who were formerly in charge.


This is not only a blow to the school but to the kids who played at the school. They had nothing to do with this. $60M - OK, restrictions going forward - OK with the inclusion of immediate transfers. However, this is a legal issue and should be handled by men in both trial and civil courts - not kids on a football field. File civil suits against Sandusky's family, Paterno's estate, every member of the administration for millions but let's leave the kid's out of it. Why punish 18-21 year olds when we have a court system and process to penalize the people involved.


Not severe enough. They need to shut down the program for at least 5 years. The community there is still in denial but this was a failure of their community and a stain on all of them.

If they are not shut down, I urge every team scheduled against them to boycott them.

English Professor CMS

I think Jo Pa said it best:

"you lie with dogs, you gonna get fleas."

Screw the 18-22 years old it's for the greater good.

Jaybird Hagendaz

Tom: Your position shows that you're really as dumb as a brick when it comes to you or what should be punished in this sad, sorry situation. The NCAA penalties punish students, players, faculty, the town and its businesses - those who had absolutely nothing to do with Sandusky or what he did.
To lay on such unprecedented penalties is agregious on the part of the NCAA. I hope that the many, many well-heeled alumns of PSU will band together and sue the NCAA.


The NCAA is the most hypocritical institution in America. They are only doing this because of the huge publicity. Where is the punishment for UNC and all the other schools that are breaking rules every day?

PSU Alum

It appears that the NCAA has turned into Jerry Sandusky. They are telling the 35,000+ students and 200,000+ alumni to bend over and take it up the a$$. They are the ones being punished. Not the administrators.


NCAA didnt even go by their own rules in regards to this. Too bad we can't put the NCAA on probation. SMH


The failure to "educate, nurture and protect" young people cannot go unpunished. I don't see where any former players or alumni are punished. Current players unfortunately, will have to bear the brunt of the repercussions.


I think the NCAA may have overstepped its bounds. They're destroying the institution instead of going after the individuals. These penalties affect students, alumni, athletes, not to mention community of State College. None of them had anything to do with this terrible tragedy, but they're being penalized. It's going to take several decades for Penn State to recover from this.


Pedophiles go after little boys or girls "enforcer". Their victims can be of the same or different sex. Don't blame the gay community.


@Paterno Will Be Rectified as Innocent

So what if Paterno "fired" Sandusky in 1999...it has been proven that he was a chief player in the cover-up and granted a pedophile continued and unrestricted access to their program through a so-called charitable organization.

@all posters feeling sorry for current PSU athletes, students and alumni.

So what if scholarships and bowl appearances will be taken away...athletes are free to take their money and transfer. Students will still get their education and the "well-heeled" alumni will still be...well-heeled. They are lucky that Paterno's statue was the only thing that got ripped out of the ground (remember SMU). The point that most of you miss is that the lives of several young men were violated in the the most despicable way and all under the watch and knowledge of senior leadership at PSU. These young men are the victims...not Penn State. The theme of the NCAA's decision is this...even though the majority of the current PSU campus community may not be associated with Sandusky, this should serve as an object lesson in true integrity and accountability. If you operate any organization like you are above the law and you get caught doing dirt, you pay the price...period. PSU should come out of this with a new found vigilance and zero tolerance for athletes, students and administrators breaking the rules and the law. UNC, UMiami, Ohio St. and any other institution of the like...this is your warning. Get your house in order.


Paterno Will Be Rectified as Innocent said, "So how in the hell did Auburn and Newton get off the hook so easily? That was the most glaring blatant criminality in the history of college sports."

In order to post something this ignorant, you must be either A) Harvey Updyke, B) one of Updyke's kids or C) a U of Alabama grad. Auburn and Cam "got off the hook so easily" because THEY COMMITTED NO CRIME AND NO NCAA VIOLATIONS. Cam Newton's criminal father, knowing Cam wanted to go to Mississippi St, decided he wanted a big payday off his son and demanded money from MSU. Screw you, MSU said, and turned him in. Dad then told Cam to go to Auburn, and thought that would be the end of it. Dad never got his money, from MSU or Auburn, and that was the end of it. You are like so many others today - when someone is accused of something, by Gawd, that means they are guilty, regardless of what the result of the investigation is. Cam & Auburn are innocent, and that's the end of it.

As for all the screams for PSU to get the death penalty, PSU doesn't meet the first criterion for it - that of committing NCAA violations while under disciplinary actions for previous violations. PSU was not under any NCAA punishment when the Sandusky cover-up was being put in place, so PSU doesn't qualify for the death penalty. And that's fine. With the punishment they got, it will be at least 2050 before PSU is a national championship-caliber team again.



Where have you been? Do you read the papers? The NCAA had already announced punishment for UNC? What other schools are you talking about that "break the rules every day" that need to be punished? Please be specific.

PSU Alum

Nobody is giving PSU time to install their self-imposed sanctions. It is all based on a report by one of the most incompetent former FBI directors who was a former prosecutor who already had his mind made up before investigating.

The reality is that PSU will lose out on all the 4 and 5 star athletes that make your team great. A lot more 2 and 3 star players will make the team. How can a post season ban affect the school if they cannot field a competitive enough team to finish above .500 with the scholarship restrictions.


I think it is way too much... I am ok with having the statue removed and the wins vacated from Paterno's record (not the players or school). The rest is a bad joke. Send the guys who covered it up to jail and make the school pay some money to charity (not 60 million though - more like five million) - but don't punish the school or the students or the athelets. They had no idea what was goin on...


The college president was fired. Paterno was fired. The AD is going to court. These measures only punish others that had NOTHING to do with this.

Alvin White

While these penalties hit the school hard, I think they are more than justified. Granted, it's a shame to punish the players as they had nothing to do with the issue, but for any school that may consider sweeping something under the rug, this is a HUGE reason to reconsider. The 60 million dollar fine is just the beginning. No bowl games, 20 lost scholarships and allowing current players and signees to transfer is going to cost Penn State millions more. It will be many, many football seasons before this starts to fade from memory.

Amy Runs

You Are Penn State...and you are a joke.

You are not a joke because of Jerry Sandusky.

You are not a joke because of morally bankrupt administrators.

You are a joke because you still don't get it. Your apologists are to this day trolling newspapers across the country saying things like "but it wasn't about football" and "it will only punish the players." Your candlelight vigil for JoePa shocked and appalled a nation. Even yesterday your faithful protested the tearing down of a statue that epitomizes all that went wrong at your university.

Your future is expulsion from the Big Ten and relegation to Division II. Get used to it.

Mira Worth

Imagine what a Freeh investigation could uncover at an Auburn or Alabama.


Reply to tv22: " The community there is still in denial but this was a failure of their community and a stain on all of them."

Wow, now you are blaming the entire "community"? Just goes to show, when children are involved, fact and reason fly out the window and emotion and reaction take over. Just stupid tv22, plain stupid.


Amy Runs- another know nothing loud mouth. Students held a candle light vigil for the victims, not for Paterno. But like most things with this case, you wouldn't want facts to get in the way of your justifiable outrage.


Anyone that doesn't realize the sanctions are MUCH worse than a 1 year death penalty are not very knowledgeable. With a 1 year death penalty, PSU takes its medicine and is back to competing in 1 year. With the current sanctions, the program will be dead for about 8 years, as most kids will transfer and recruits will forego PSU for other places. Once the sanctions expire after 4 years, it'll take PSU another 4 years to rebuild. Guess why no death penalty? The pompous NCAA would have you believe it was done to not punish the football players. There was no DP because it would've coast the Big Ten and NCAA TV bed partners $$$. So there you have it, the NCAA placed $$$ ahead of the justice of children.


Sign me up for Amy run's AMEN CORNER.

Penn State = Football

That's just wrong. Education should define a school. They still don't get it.


This is much like a policeman selecting one car on I-77 and giving the driver a speeding ticket....while hundreds of other speed merrily on their way. There appears to be lots of corruption in the athletic programs of many major universities (for example: the "student athlete" who could never qualify for admission if he went thru the normal process), so how does one decide which car to ticket for speeding?

Is public sentiment always the deciding factor.... even though the legal due process has not run its course? Seems to be that way, kinda a Nancy Grace type of solution. Until the presidents of these major schools take control back from the athletic departments, these types of things will be a common occurance. And as long as athletics bring in the bucks from TV networks, it'll never change.

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