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The actions of the adults in this university DID have a direct impact on the lives of many, many children. This is collaboration in the most egregious sense - NOT reporting abuse since the mid-90's is horrendously inexcusable. There are no justifications in this case - frankly, I believe the sanctions and fines are too lenient because these poor children who are now growing up are forever scarred and damaged by the inaction and abuse sanctioned implicitly by Penn State. Clear the deck of the administration of both the board, the school, and the athletic department - and hire decent, reliable, honest educators and leadership for the sake of the future of this school.

M. Allison

Not a PSU fan or alum, but this punishment only hurts the image and legacy of Joe Paterno and his family justly. It hammers current innocent players, the future of PSU Football,PSU fans and other PSU sports, along with their conference. The NCAA is a sham, in picking and choosing what schools to hammer and how. They normally are more concerned about an Native American mascot, not cheating on the field by the likes of Ewe-NC and Cameron Newton. Leave the government courts to adminster justice off of the courts and let the NCAA police NCAA violations.


Unbelievable...folks still going on about how this decision is too tough and hurts the current student body and the so-called legacy of "Joe-Pa". They didn't shut the school down or the football program for that matter so the kids will still be able to tailgate and get an education. Paterno's legacy, no matter how many games he won or pro players he turned out, will be remembered as an accomplice in this whole despicable affair. This was not determined by the media or detractors but when he himself made the conscious decision to cover for Sandusky.

Sandra McQueen

The entire school administration and board is to blame. They defied public trust, student trust, alumni trust. Should have been five years out of football, then reapply. The school is about education, not football. What kind of message is sent without appropriate punishment? Too bad innocent students suffer too. When we elect officials who violate public trust, we all suffer. That's how it works.


The PSU big 4 that covered this up did so to protect their beloved football program, the university reputation, and the loss of money and recruits that were bound to come with revealing what Sandusky had been doing. They could see the Penn State way becoming severly tarnished and they chose the cowardly way out...keep quiet and cross our fingers. So, don't we all realize that the NCAA could see this too. The NCAA had to drop the hammer, and drop it hard. They had to impose penalties no less than those the PSU big 4 feared 2 decades ago. And, because PSU covered it for so long, allowing Sandusky to continue to prey on children, the NCAA had to show PSU and the entire NCAA athletic/university community that there can be no tolerating such selfish, negligent behavior by a university program. PSU avoided those consequences for 20 years, but they must pay for their sins now. The courts will deal with the specific legal violations of the administrators, but the NCAA could not reward the PSU coverup. That would send the wrong message.
Penn State will survive this much better than those young boys will. Their scars are far worse. PSU fans and boosters will still support their team. Yes, PSU players, fans and community at large will suffer some. That is the collateral damage that comes with such a horrible series of events. But, like many Division II and III schools, they will survive. If any of us had committed a crime and been sent to prison, our families would be collateral damage too. It is part of the consequences we pay for our actions. Crimes must be punished, not ignored. Sports are not bigger than life, and sports legends and their programs are not gods.


Punish the decision makers, not the students. Some people just can't put themselves in the shoes of others.

buckshot jenkins

I think the fine was certainly justified. I'm OK with the postseason ban. My hope is that the administrators involved in the cover-up get lifetime suspensions from the NCAA. I just don't understand the forfeiture of victories. Sandusky was not the reason that the team won games. The players were not found to be ineligible because of the cover-up. I think the NCAA should have waited and deliberated more before deciding on the sanctions. Don't get me wrong, I am not sticking up for Penn St., I just question the strangeness of the punishment delivered.

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