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Panthers will win the NFC South!

Jason Witt

Was trading Otah a salary move? A 7th round pick is worthless.


A 7th round pick is the value of Otah...worthless...he was that. The Panthers need to protect an All-Pro QB and Otah could not do that sitting on the bench eatting Twinkies. Just sayin'


2013 SuperBowl Champions=Carolina Panthers


Yeah it may be 2013 before the Panthers become that kinda calibure. Seems this year we've got a hype revamped Offense that'll stay on the field and score and give the defense a chance to catch their wind but not gonna happen but be nice if it would, get that superbowl. Next year when we can draft a super soild DT first round, and a soild WR in the 2nd, look out!!! We're almost there folks and gettin rid of Otah was a stepping stone to that.

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