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Kent cunningham

Nice event panthers looked good Go Panthers


Hard to report "news" when none exists. Right Tommy?


I was impressed with how the defense looked (although I hope it wasn't because the offense was bad). Joe Adams could be special. Oh and remember Josh Nortman saying he beat Smith or something? Yeah, well Smitty blew past him for a long "touchdown" Oh and I am really liking Mike Tolbert. He could really feel in for Jeremy Shockey (not as a tight end, just lined up in different places) and add a dimension to an already dangerous offense. I'm feeling it this year everybody!

Fat Cat

Awww poor WhoDat is trolling Panthers articles at 7 am on Sunday cuz he has no life....poor baby

The Man!

WhoDatNation, GO BACK HOME! Where ever you're from!!! This is Carolina!


Wow, I can't beleive sAINTS fans even attmept such pathetic posts. GM, HC & players out for the b/c of their cheating ways. They have 1 'fake' superbowl win & their team is a laughing stock, but you couldn't avoid coming to a place where real winners (the Carolina Panthers) reside. I never go to sAINTS sites, b/c I enjoy 'my' team. Go Panthers!


lol Saints fans are just mad because they know they won't be able to get past the Panthers and Falcons in the division this year. Go back to your classless, scumbag fanbase and organization.


Saints fans have to troll on the Observer website because they cannot even keep a newspaper in business down there in N.O.


Mare missing FG's. Oh God


Caught the report from Spartanburg on NFL Network last night. Jerry doesn't look as healthy as he did a year ago. How is JR doing?


You can tell "boo-who-dat-nution", (how he really spells his name), is about as bright as a swamp toad. The 'aints are punks. boo-who is probably jonnie-boy vilma in disguise.

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Typical Classless Saints. If they actually went to practice they would have been scared. This team is going to worry alot of teams. Now that the Aints won't be able to cheat they will resume their natural positon in the cellar of the NFC South. Cheaters never win. I think the NFL should vacate their Lombardi Trophy.


I would think Saints fans would be worried about Drew Greeds lying to the NFL and not being able to scramble with all that money stuffed in his pockets. When Charles Johnson plants that pompous jack@ss in the turf a few times in Sept, maybe that will shut him up.


can you believe these saint punks.they were the worst team in football for 40 years,had a couple good years,now theyre bad asses.crawl back to that open sewer/oil pit,called the gulf coast with your corrupt police and slutty women,loser.

Lambros Balatsias

Waiting for season to start, watching Olympics - Bam it hits me! Cam Newton and Lolo Jones, match made in heaven....

NFL Football

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Nike Free 3.0

Monter sko definitivt regnes som den mest vellykkede, ikke bare med alle detaljene for en mer harmonisk, samt stor-tiden regissøren Spike Lee til kompet. Fargen på denne skoen har vært ikke mindre enn 10.

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