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You've talked about receivers we don't get to hear enough about here today.. Thanks ,I've been interested inthese you mentioned and can't get enough factual information, since I live in Fayetteville and find it hard to get over to the practice areas..

Fast  Freddie

I think it's safe to say between great news like this and the Murphy trade Armanti Edwards will finally be dumped from this team. Thank goodness.

Worst pick in Panthers history. That guy isn't a CFL player let alone NFL. No other GM in the league other than Hurney would have kept this clown around so long.


I don't understand fans who WANT guys to fail, but I understand when guys aren't good enough to deserve the pick we took them with. Edwards wasn't worth the pick we gave up to get him (I believe a high second), but I would far rather he come out and have an amazing camp and win the #3 receiver and return man jobs and actually materialize as an nfl player than he be let go.

There's definite talent there but like in the case of everette brown...and jeff otah....and countless others....you have to move on at some point.

I bet edwards > clausen at QB though.


Edwards is a failed WR be cause he was never a WR....He was a QB! You dont make someone a WR when his skill set was honed to QB all his career. Lets get him off the boiler plate, put him in a setting he is used to and get him some snaps under center. Sure he said he will do anything he is asked what do you expect him to say. HIs career in the NFL was over before it started with Fox. He had to be developed long ago to be a WR. Fox has never been a teaching type of coach. If he was given his natural position Im sure he would beat out Clausen


maybe they should move Steve Smith to nose guard a la Armanti to WR...wonder how that would work out...what a bust Smitty would be, wasted pick. Yawn...

Rick Rogers

Seems to me IF you have someone that is as fast as Armanti or Jared Green would be worth the effort to try them on the other side of the Ball. Speed as a Cornerback makes up for alot of mistakes.


The funny thing is that Armanti isnt even fast. Which is why he cannot return kicks. Watch tape there is no breakaway speed which u must have at his size. He was fast at App state because he was playing against mediocre talent. It is a Fact. His career is done. And to whoever stated above that we should give him some snaps at QB thanks for the good laugh this morning...


With Cam on the roster, why would you ever give Armanti snaps? Ever.


AE is CFL bound or Europe bound. Hands down. He didnt help App win those Championships if he was a total bust. Keep in mind, he played better at QB than Joe Flacco did for Delaware and defeated Flacco as well. He needs to get back at QB. CFL, Europe, or at least some other teams backup in the NFL.


AE was destined to fail..he is not a WR, he is a QB, he didn't ask to be drafted that early. That was Hurneys doing. and like someone else said, he didn't stand a chance under Fox. With that said he needs to be cut. He will never play QB for the Panthers (even as a backup) and he isn't good enough to be a NFL WR or special teams player.


I was hoping Armanti would be Star. A nice young man.

Stop the hate

To the people saying AE isn't fast..... He was clocked by scouts running a 4.4 40 yard dash. Fastest time was a 4.39...... You need to stop talking. He might not be a great WR but don't question his athletic gifts.

buckshot jenkins

If anything, it[s probably in Armanti's best interest if he got cut. The kid needs a fresh start somewhere else.

haywood county man

why not let AE try to beat out Clausen...cut one or the other...eat the cost ..i'll bet on AE....hell let them try out for Hurney's job...i'll bet either one knows more on how to manage draft picks/future than he does.......heck my grandmother knows more......


Guess what Armanti Edwards is QB, not a WR, not a PR. The Panthers made the choice to convert him to a WR/PR. Carolina could have actually drafted a WR with the Armanti pick there were a lot of WR's out there but they gambled to convert an All-American QB to a WR/PR and thought it would happen in two years. For those that say Armanti fail no way, he hasn't played the position QB that he was an All-American at. He played 4 times at the wildcat 2 for 2 passing for 11 yards and 2 rushes for 12 yards so at his natural position QB he did well 100% completion rate and 6 yards per carry rushing.


I think they should definitely give AE a shot under center. I think he can play better than Clausen and you could run essentially the same offense with him as you do Cam. Both are threats to run, both have strong arms. Let him carry the clipboard this season and learn behind Anderson.


Went to practice yesterday, surprisingly Armanti didn't look bad. He had some good catches. Cam ran the ball well but some of his passes were hard. He was picked off by the improved defense. Luke k, played well. Also saw Thomas Davis out on the field. He had progressed well also. There's was a scary moment when Smitty got up limping from colliding into one of the defensive players. Beason got rocked by Jonathan Steward, accidentlly. Good opening practice overall but still faraway from the Super Bowl.


Edwards is a victim of a forced position change, a lame duck coach, and a fanbase & media that wanted him to succeed beyond reasonable expectations. The thing you can always say about him is he is one of the hardest workers on teh roster. He is not an Otah style guy that comes to camp out of shape and wastes everyone's time. I think it is time that he moved on to a new team. I believe New England would be able to more effectively use his talents.

Nike Free 3.0

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65 lb for lifts, 30 lb KB (since gym didn't have 35), 24 box jumps; 16:31. Feet to bar really sleowd me down. After Tuesday's WOD, walking lunges while holding kb just seemed, well, evil. Ha!


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