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have they cut olindo mare yet ??

corn nuggitz

hahaha, well stated chappy.

tom has his favorites....he'd do most any old school boxer

Tiny Tom

The photo in the top left hand corner is Tom's reaction when he "accidently" walked in the team shower at the stadium. WHHOops did I do that.

Nike Free 3.0

Mens vi fortsatt nyte Vi tidligere rapportert at hver av parene når Jordan ga oss en annen stor farge. Men tillater folk å bli overrasket, hvis disse skoene er falske, så hvordan vil vises i Flight School?


Y'all keep me on my toes!! I meant to say that any sewing peattrn will work -- maybe an old halloween one you don't need anymore?? Or I find them at thrift stores here. I have been selling them in my etsy shop also. :) Happy hunting!!


Angie - Love the texture of the pipe clneears. So clever and creative and they look fabulous! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I'll be featuring this today. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn


I'm totally lovin' this idea!!! Thanks for shanirg! You should come link up and join in my "Very Merry Christmas Party" from Dec. 18th through Dec. 25th! Would love to have you!


Hi Andrea, that's right. On my personal blog, I einlmiate any comment that doesn't add any sort of value or demonstrates any kind of effort. I use IP ban when I get a particularly bad spam bot who manages to sneak through the filters, but normally avoid it. The reason is because if the spam comes from a site using shared hosting, you can bad good users on the same host as well as the spammers. As dumb as spammers and spam bots can be, it's a great way to learn how to comment on other people's blogs as well. Good to meet you!


Hi Cynthia, I wouldn't take it too pellrnasoy. A good majority of the spam comments you'll receive are done by setting up a piece of software to search for specific sites and drop a variation of a handful of comments. If your blog is on WordPress, you'll find a few different plugins you can add to help eliminate a lot of that.

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