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juice box hero

Goodell should announce that the replacements all have the job for the season, if any of the hold outs want to join they can.

they get 8,000 per game right now, insanity. it is just a game, use the replacements, they will get better. the hold outs can watch on tv and wonder why they whined too much.

ed hockely

its worth bad referring to not see the camera hawg refs take 5 minutes to review a call on the field when it should be reviewed upstairs

refs are like balls and goal lines, just apparatus to play the game,,very easily replaceable

Shane P

Tom, in seasons past all I've seen out of NFL officials are horribly blown calls, too many flags and bloated egos because they're on TV. I disagree with the notion that replacement refs can't adequately officiate NFL games, or players are somehow now in danger, that's absurd! You have to give them time to adjust to the rules, nuances and speed of the game, just like we don't judge teams based off preseason play, the same luxury should be afforded these refs, isn't that what preseaon is for, to work out the kinks? These guys aren't just some bums off the streets you know, these are college officials with big game experience, I think given a little more time, they'll be just as terrible as the regular refs. To me, a good ref is one who is rarely seen or heard and only throws the flag when it's absolutely neccessary. In my opinion, NFL refs don't adhere to that standard and really seem to pine for camera time, like we pay to see them. A year later and I'm still made about the blown call on Shockey against the Packers that stole a TD from us and ultimately cost us the game, screw those guys, they're overpaid as it is.


I'm with juice box - Goodell should go ahead and name the replacements the officials for the season. They'll get better as they adjust to the speed of the game. Heck, I've even seen a marked improvement over the course of the preseason!

After the season is over, the NFL crews will be begging to get back in the game.


Does anyone remember the Air Traffic Controller Strike in 80-81? I had 6 of my fellow Air Traffic Controllers from NAS OCEANA go different places in the USA as replacements. Many of those people transitioned from the USN to being Air Controllers for the FAA. Same thing applies. The NFL is not going to be held down by a bunch of greedy weekend warriors. The replacements will have some rough times but so do rookie refs. They will catch on. The way I look at it. Both teams are playing with the same refs. So all is fair.


Replacement has done a good over four weeks, it is a learning curve, from first week to forth week you can see improvement. $8000.00 per game is too much. Pay should be cut to $5ooo.00 as USA economy.


The league and the officials are meeting today (Friday). It looks like the NFL is coming to its senses and realizing that they need to have this thing sorted out before next Wednesday.



Why is video not showing Clausen making 2 touchdowns in the Steelers game. They don't even show Clausen playing instead they show Cam Newton and Anderson Cam never played against the Steelers.

I was shocked with how well Clausen did --guess they want that secret while they have the running QB who cannot throw the ball.

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I am speechless. Team work is the most important for NFL games.


there is plenty more to know woman the rerocd for most fantasy points in a season IS held by dan marino s 1984 season when he threw for a rerocd 48 touchdowns. even though peyton manning broke that rerocd with 49 touchdowns, marino threw for 500 more yardsMarino-5,084/48 TD Manning-4,557/49TD.in a single season i would think it was LT 2 years ago when he ran in 3 threw 1 and caught 1. but who knows it could of been tony romo last year with 5 touchdowns against tampa on thanksgiving. he was on my bench behind peyton manning what a shame. Was this answer helpful?


Hey Jr, big fanI have been following your coemnmts on facebook for some time and your interviews with the athletes in general, I want to know your opinion about the rookie quarterbacks in this class 2011 NFL DRAFT, in the first NFL- Preseason some decently,(NEWTON,MALLETT) while others need some work (DALTON, LOCKER)well, I would appreciate it your opinion about them .


05.03.11 at 12:26 pmChad Henne Checkdown ClinicLOLNFL needs more gratuitous Airplane! reneerfces.Also, why is it so fashionable to wear thick-framed glasses to draft day now? I remember watching the NBA draft about a year ago, and I remember like 8 pairs of hipster glasses. Ridiculous.


Glad you enjoyed it Buckeye. And Football Gal, prdicuong is anything and everything that brings a show or piece together, which is why it can be loosely defined and interpreted. When I say I produced something, it usually means I turned random footage in to something like what you see here. We had some camera men and some other producers go to the stock exchange and film the guys doing there thing, ask them questions, etc. Afterwards I was handed the footage and asked to create the piece you see now - picking the music, editing the shots, telling the story and presenting it visually for everyone to enjoy...hope that helps :)


That's Cool Man; A Dream of mine to do! Actually broadcasting the NFL & Ringing the NYSE Bell! Its a Good Time of Year & glad that its Back To Football!


YES!!!! I Love this time of year and this year is more special; I think there will be a lot of itnreesnitg Preseason games and FA results during this year. Ocho to NE? VY expected in PHI?I Love This Game!!!


Its all Good man. Good to be busy than searching for work! I know this CBA thing is crazy but they Need to get it done fast. Too Much at stake and too much time alradey past.


Very Cool on the INFL front; I hope it goes the whole season. The lock-out has made folks maybe a lil more pivey to legal stuff. Makes it seem legnor.


SG, thank you for taking the time to lay out your epcerienxe not only on sports blogs but food-oriented ones (knowing you marry the two areas so well). I am all for passion and hope anytime someone disagrees with something I have written they don't hesitate to express that. I find commenting and responding to comments both on my site and on others to be one of the very best aspects of blogging. I don't write to see myself on the Internet or on my smart phone. I write to connect with people to make someone feel something or look at something a different way and hope they are moved enough to not just read but give their thoughts. Thanks for the link on the article. As for the Mailbox, it is a new format and likely will be a recurring one. Appreciate the positive words on it. Cheers!

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