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luke hiwalker

they caved, very sad.

i'll never watch golf again, wait, i never do anyways


A private club can do whatever it wants. I'm indifferent to then letting females in. That's their choice either way.


What a totally overblown misrepresentation of a cause! Augusta's membership rules are totally irrelevent to any meaningful discussion of women's or anyone else's rights.

Probably 99.99999% of all women in the US will never be able to join Augusta no matter what they do... as 99.99999% of all men will not be able to either. Simply because they don't make enough money, or have enough celebrity or power to be invited.

Martha Burke and her group took this on for one reason and one reason only... to raise funds for her previously little known organization. Once again, it was all about the money!

It's a nice story, but it changes the lives of women as a whole, about as much as tossing a rock in the ocean changes the global sea level!


WOW! I LOVE this sesoisn. On top of that, you did this sesoisn in CORONADO, CA where I live! When was this shot!? If I had known you were in my town we should have grabbed coffee. I love that shot you got at Mootime with them and that firepit at the del is actually one of Scarlett's & my favorite secret places.

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