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Big chub a dub

I'll haze you little Tom!!!



Have you ever played sports in your life?

juice box hero

I heard they stapled Armanti's nut sack to Jimmie Clausen's chin last year. Was epic.

big gulps

sounds like somebody(Tom) got hazed in middle school and hasn't gotten over it.


You're a pussy Tom!


No opinion on that, but.....for some reason I think pro football's popularity has peaked...is that possible? Are there too many games on TV? Or maybe I'm just getting old.

Panther Proud

Tom - can we prescreen these comments before they are posted? I enjoy your column and Find myself agreeing with you almost all of the time, but the ignorance of some of the comments made in the comments section detracts from the topic. I get mad at others' ignorance and I guess I just have to learn that it's their own problem to deal with. I think you could do a column on the posting of comments that are disrespectful and hateful against the writer and the public in general. Btw, hazing has no purpose in any social setting. Keep the columns coming. Go Panthers.


Thank you Panther Proud.

The hate on this board from some of the dimwit racist political a-hole libtards who want to bash everyone under the mask of sports is nauseating. We dont care about your white southern male bashing lies and insults.

Keep it about sports or stay off the boards you clownshow hacks. Go take your opinions to HuffPo.


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I posted about this last month and TechnoLawyer pcekid it up. The answer is no, but I've talked with the founders and believe in the site's mission to disrupt the lawyer/entrepreneur relationship. Hey, no one else is even trying.

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