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On a typical NFL team DeAngelo wouldn't have that overpriced contract and Poole would make the roster. But instead, we have Marty Hurney.


@Frank, and you're a NFL General Manager where?.......... Yep didn't think so.

Nike Free Run 3

Det ble et kulturelt ikon, en brukes til å øke merkeverdi, omdømme, og status for ikonet. En sportsbutikk selskapets merkevare som det er mindre kjent. Bare spør for å bevise dette punktet, er det en Reebok logo. De kan ha en blank sinn.


Allison....I do have a few questions that I'm honipg you can answer. As I mentioned I am just creating my blog and don't have anyone to ask for help so this is WONDERFUL that you posted this. How do you add your signature after each blog post? Do you have to do it manually every time or can you set something up? Also how do you get the cute little flowers between each blog? And one more (for now) how do you get the Welcome to stay on top. THANKS EVER SO MUCH!!!!!


my favorite hdoliay tradition is that every year we play bingo for a change to win a christmas present, if you win you get to pick a wrapped gift from either the girls pile or the guys. if you win again you can then exchange your gift with someone else before opening your new one. we play until everybody has won a gift. Its a great chance for everyone to have fun and share some laughs =)

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