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We have no passing game--can't win football games with no passing games. We need a good #2receiver since Mushin and Clutch left and still no one and even had Smitty out there saying we don't need any --really really!!!???

And what happened to that little running back rookie we had last year--he was good--Stewart gets injured a lot. Plus the good kicker we had 2 years ago that Rivera got rid of.


Dude, you are living in some sort of alternate reality. No passing game? Cam passed for at least 4000 yards last year (does he need to pass for 6000 for us to "have a passing game"?).

No number 2 receiver? Who do you think we should have as #2, Plaxico Burress? TO? Chad Johnson? Someone noone else wants? Give LaFell a chance, and Louis Murphy looks decent too.

I'll give you that Stewart gets hurt more that I (and I'm sure he) would like. But we have DeAngelo and Tolbert.

You have got to just get over Kasay.

Stop being such a pessimist. Its the preseason, the season of hope for all :)

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Charlotte's not boring but geinttg around can sure be a PITA. On Sat I went to a party at Dixie's and had to pay $5 to park. Charlotte business community, wake up and do something about downtown parking after business hours! Who in their right mind should pay $5 (or anything, really) to park downtown and spend $$?


I'm pretty sure they haven't raleesed enough information on it to say for definate they will be in there, I hope they are though and I don't see why not. Just watch that space.

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