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You're an idiot.

James Reed

Sort of like the humiliation your sorry expansion team felt last season after Cam and the Panthers spanked them on their home turf.

Coach K

Congrats on your first division title last year by default. Indy rebuilding, Titans rebuilding, Jacksonville just stinks. Without Ryans and your prized DE now in Buffalo, your run will be short lived. Tennessee will win your division this year.

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Marzetta Harris, Espada's Director of Outreach, threatened to get "hoods from the 33rd" to beat up one of Rivera's steaffrs at the Board of Elections. Very classy, Ms. Harris. Just another example of the kind of people Espada employs. Can't wait to finally get rid of him.


Maria Baez lied through the enirte article.Maria Baez is lying her head off. She does not live in Davidson Avenue. She lives with her daughter in Throggs Neck and in the Poconos. She claims that she is ill, and yet this profile failed to point out that she did not have a medical excuse in all of her absences, with the exception of 1%. She claims she has brought a lot of monies, and yet Joel Rivera has brought in almost twice as much into his district. She has not brought in new monies. This is sad in a district rampant with a 19% unemployment and lack of services. We don't even have one youth center in the district. Is she out of her mind, trying to give more rights to landloards?! It just shows you how out of touch she is with the community. Maria Baez is being investigated for her handling of tax payer monies. She had a $17,000+ phone bill per month and she tries to say that she just had the wrong plan? It just show how poor of a leaders and what a grand liar she is.I believe Fernando Cabrera is the right man for the job. This is why the Bronx Democratic Party, all of the major unions, local elected officials and community leaders endorsed Fernando Cabrera. We need NEW leadership in District 14 and Cabrera will bring it on.


Mrsjuanaquintana info is very interesting and the press slhuod find out more about this. Getting a hold of this information will prove that this Cabrera person is definitely not a fit to represent one of the poorest district. Number one requirement for accountability and maximum performance is ATTENDANCE. NOT ANOTHER MARIA BAEZ IN DISTRICT 14, EVEN WORST BECAUSE THIS ONE IS REPUBLICAN. AS OF LAST YEAR.


YO YO Juanepoo???If you want maria baez out of the district beacuse you say she is mistreating the office by abusing it and by not attending-then Juane-how do you live with the fact that your candidate was a comunity board 7 member-with a worser attendance than maria baez


From The Blog: Common Sense"Cabrera Can't Stop Lieing!!!At a recent City Council Debate Rev.Cabrera's bllnttaay lied about his attendance record as a member of Community Board #7. He then brazenly invited challengers to look as his track record. When we did we found that the Reverend was in violation of that 9th Commandment. "Thou shall not lie." Cabrera's attendance record as a Community Board member was less than 30%. At the debate he stated,"I was a community board member and I had good attendance. As a community board member the former Bronx Borough President had a policy that if you did not have good attendance you were automatically taken of the board. "After getting access to copy and inspect the records the following was identified: (Copies could not be made because CB7 Copy machine was not working when we showed up)Marked Present:09/20/0510/18/0511/05/05Marked Absent at Board meetings/ Not Present at Parks & Recreation Committee Meetings:12/29/05 01/17/0602/07/06 (NOT CONFIRMED)03/21/0604/04/0604/18/0605/24/0605/31/0609/07/0610/05/0611/28/06Missing Records Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June 2005, June 2006A footer found on the files of the monthly minutes reads."Your attendance and participation at community board meetings and committee meetings is vital to a productive operation of the community board in order to achieve excellence in service to our community"Needless to say Borough President Carrion DID NOT renew Rvd Cabrera's membership on the Community Board.


SOME QUALITATIVE RELEVANT DATA:YUDELKA TAPIA, A LONG TIME REAL DEMOCRAT:____________________________________________________Def. of Democrat: A member of the Democratic club, with detmiraocc values and principles.___________________________________________________YUDELKA TAPIA detmiraocc principles/values: fight for better schools for all, defends immigrant rights, in solidarity with others detmiraocc leaders in the community when running for office regardless of ethnicity since the 80's.Ex. worked in Rubencito campaign for assemblyman. Helped Rodolfo Carrion get elected for City council and Bronx borough President, and others African Americans and Dominicans leader for public office.-------------------------------------------------CABRERA, A LONG TIME REPUBLICAN, CONSERVATIVE AND FLIP-FLOPDef. of Flip-Flop: Change of mind, turnabout, a decision to reverse an early decision.CABRERA went from long time republic to change of heart last year, moved from Westchester (living since the early 90's) to the Bronx.Ex. He left relevant information in his webiste such as: He attended ultra-conservative and right win institution Liberty University, he lived most of his live outside the Bronx, and that all the work he claimed for the community has been paid and out of district 14.Compare and constrast. (for more info. www.yudelktapia.com)Thanks/Gracias,


Mrs. Bronx (or should I say, Yudelka's paid ierntns - bloggers). It does not matter what you say! You are just a ghost written trying to tarnish Cabrera's character. FYI: Does not work, has not worked and will not work!CABRERA IS THE WINNER....SO GET OVER IT! And accept the new change! Change that brings integrity into this community.I am tired of all the crooks ... including Yudelka....have you wondered why people are leaving her camp? Check it out, or why not speak to her directly, since you are there with her. The word is that she is a liar, a crook, she cannot be trusted. People don't have faith in her anymore! She showed her true colors.And for you comments on ... Not.....????? you still have not done your homework...intern. Go back to college, where you belong!


This is what's amazing to me. On the same blog that we have a fiecre daily dialogue about espada, rivera, and padernacht, we have this absolutely repulsive story about a 20 year-old man being gunned down execution style in cold blood in a neighborhood park in the very same senatorial district... and while there are comments galore here on favorite candidates there is no general outcry or even one comment about this incident.Councilman Cabrera's impassioned speech is dramatic enough, but where is the outrage and disgust from our community over what has happened here... and more importantly where are the community members who saw it and, as important, where are the neighbors imploring their neighbors to come forward to identify these criminals?Allegedly Bronx people saw this crime... then Bronx people have to get together to help solve it otherwise they are condemned to live with it.So much of our leadership is worthless... just watch the debates and read the blogs and you can see what i mean... so let's take responsibility for our own communities and do what we can to get this solved, put the thugs in jail, and as a community get the god damned mother f**king guns off our Bronx streets.... with a NO TOLERANCE policy from each one of us. Sorry to be so angry, but that was my knee jerk reaction when i got home and read the BxNN tonight. peace and love. (it's a cool cafe on melrose ave. between 151st and 152nd. check it out. )


Concern Citizen you are an incorrect ctziien supporting Yudelka who has just lost their campaign manager, who can manage to get campaign finance monies due to the campaign finance mess she has, and lost 5 times.

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