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coastal carolina, morgan state, app state.....no wonder panther's stink.

we need to focus on players from the major conferences.


I can't decide who should be cut first, Captain Munnerlyn or Armanti Edwards. Munnerlyn is at best a CB in a dime package, but is really more fitting for special teams. His time is up. No commentary needed on Armanti, everyone except Marty Hurney knows how bad he is.

slim shady



Regarding the GQ cover, did Cam's head and hands go on steroids or did he put his torso in the dryer before the photo shoot? Proportions on that picture are all wrong.

juice box hero

GQ got the Cam "shrek ears" right. That is really how they are, no tweaking there.

those things are awesome.

Mike Curry

Panthers win the NFL South! Cam makes Pro Bowl AGAIN!! Just sayin'


I feel the same about hair. I was my facial hair, but i dont do anytnihg for my arms because i dont want it to grow back worst. Your video DEFIANTLY helped me about that. I used to wear long´╗┐ sleeves all the time and try to hide them. Now i just kind of except it:)

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