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Panther Trainer

Shallow Hal!!! #1


Pffttt, you left out Spaceballs, how can you be a guy and not love Spaceballs?!!!


Or Star Wars, Braveheart, Gladiator, Shawshank Redemption, The Magnificent Seven, Maverick... really, there's way too many great ones to list!

Tinu Tim

ACe Boogie!!

Mike Curry



Midnight in Paris
The Departed
Old School
Forgetting Sarah Marshall


The Manchurian Candidate
Raising Arizona
Pulp Fiction
Torn Curtain

slim shady

5. Rambone
4. Dirty Work
3. Hot Shots
2. Australia
1. Honey, I Shrunk Tom Sorenson


My name is Shane... oddly enough, I've never seen the movie.


I like the move Fletch.


Great Escape, Papillon, Bridge Over the River Kwai. Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Caddyshack, Old School, Animal House, Anchorman, and the like.

Two Thumbs Up

Cool Hand Luke
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Citizen Kane
Blazing Saddles
Dr. Strangelove


Lord of the Rings
Maltese Falcon
Alien 1&2
Godfather 1&2
Indiana Jones 1
Monty Python & Holy Grail
Bridge on the River Kwai
Lawence of Arabia
Star Wars
Ben Hur
Soylent Green
most any Marvel movies
North Dallas Forty
Great Escape
Longest Day
Mutiny on the Bounty (Gable)
The Bourne movies....good way to pass summer evenings with family till Football season!

Dean Moriarty

1. Citizen Kane
2. The Manchurian Candidate/Sintara
3. Dr Strangelove
4. Josey Wales
5. Godfather I
6. Face In The Crowd


American Beauty, The Godfather, No Country for Old Men, Hoosiers, Office Space (if I'm forced to throw in a comedy) ...

Honorable Mention: Godfather 2, Good Fellas, Fargo, Best In Show, Bernie (way underrated, especially if you've ever lived in Texas), The Graduate (years ahead of its time), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (ditto), Amelie, O Brother Where Art Thou

Nike Air Max

Transformers-filmen sparken varmt utrolig, folk som kjøper en billett til å vente i kø for å kjøpte en billett, Xiaobian jeg alltid ønsket å se, men se den lange køen stå i kø for billetter, motet til.


Weirdly, I can't think of much that Scorsese has done. But it's a lot.At any rate, there isn't much gross that I can remember in Shutter Island the movie. It was I won't say eojaynble, but it was a great movie to watch. As I watched it the phrase desperate beauty came to mind. Because the gorgeous scenes tend to be filled with a sense of loneliness and angst. But the scenes are also kind of a wonder to behold. Although at least one of the twists was pretty apparent to me early on.


Asim Posted on Folks,site is indeed very good and going to be rihecr as we have huge no of kishore kumar fans in this world. i must admit that this site has taken me to the nostalgic era of kishore da.thanks all.


yes, so far most Sonic plots have been extremely weak. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure were fine in my opiionn, both gameplay wise and plot wise, but rest wow. HOWEVER I don't see why the new games can't focus on good plots just as much as they are on good gameplay. Nintendo does it all the time! Not just with Zelda, but with other games too. Hell, even the Paper Mario games have some level of plot. So why doesn't Sega do that? why don't they just take some time making their games and develop a good plot to go along with their good game play? Oh, nooooooooooo Sega is just listening to the fans, that fans who seem to ONLY care about good game play and don't seem give a shit if the plot is as deep and developed as that of pacman. I'm not asking for a Mass Effect-esque plot, I'm just asking for some re-occurring Characters! I want to see Shadow again, and Silver, and Blaze, and Knuckels! where the hell did Knuckles go? he's been around since Sonic 3! no, Sega doesn't give a crap about story any more, no more then the fans do.

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