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gatorade towel

Willie Gault still the only world class sprinter to make it in the NFL.

Panther mania

Hey Gatorade towel....you serious?????!!!!!!!! How about Panthers own Michael Bates. He won a Bronze Medal in the 1992 Olympics AND was a 5 time Pro Bowler AND a 5 time All-Pro AND named to the 1990's NFL All Decade Team.....not too shabby....


Michael Bates? Anyone?

Big G

Might as well sign LeBron to play tight end while you're at it.


Willie Gualt? Give me a break. Bob Hayes, world's fastest human, gold medal winner and in the NFL hall of fame. Tom, you are old enough to remember that one.


Boring news day Tom!

Nike Air Max

Dette paret av "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" vet ikke kolleger DIY? Eller er notert på skoene? Alle må vente på tide å bevise det.Husk under VM, har lansert et World Cup-serien, luft en kraft, der de viktigste fargene grønn av den meksikanske Air Force 1 er spesielt selger.


Aug28Balth3465 Hehe, you have a pretty lolvey opinion on Gorean ownership and I must say it is true! This is why I somehow believe that Gor, mainly when transposed in the real world, is actually much fairer than most relationships, with clearly defined and compensating roles.But even in the books, we have the stories of men loving Kajirae The part near Book 8th (Hunters of Gor) and around is about Tarl and his enslaved love, and Normal describes such romances as powerful and enthralling.


Aug28lollipopfop Gor is based on many historical stntaiious, as far as I can tell. Classical Rome and Greece are big influences. Neither of those great civilizations were simple, nor particularly honorable. As for the clean air, remember that the Romans sadly used lead(a deadly poison) in the in their plumbing. The one thing both of those civilizations did have was a concept of freedom. Roman women owned property and addressed the Senate, Caecillia Matella being a powerful politician at the time.


Aug28lollipopfop The thing is no one is exactly donaimnt or submissive. It depends on the situation. The best partnership is one of equality where both people know when to lead, and when to follow and trust enough to know that they don't need to dominate in order to have their needs met. That the other person will do what it takes to make them happy out of love, not because it is ordered. What a stupid way to communicate with the one person who is at the heart of your life.

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