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Yeah, they had him listed as number one starting alongside Ron Edwards on their depth chart. Why not replace Sione Fua instead who was not starting? Who knows?

Big Ron

It was not just a coincidence that the Panthers won 4 of 6 at the end of last year when McClain, Fua, Bell and Nannee all got hurt.
Nannee and McClain are gone. Now they should replace Bell with Campbell and keep Fua as a back up. PLEASE, PLEASE do not start Fua.


Genius, Fua doesn't start. Ron Edwards does.

Big Ron

Fua did start 11 games last year. 4 solo tackles. 0 sacks. That is why I am hoping they start Campbell and not Fua. Campbell looked very good in the preseason. Or they might give the new signee Swan Edwards a shot....but please NOT Fua.

Big Ron

Sorry Dwan Edwards...not Swan


now they've got 2 starting vets who's last name is Edwards.


Wasted picks McClain and Fua,if you dont know how to pick in the 2nd 3rd and 4th rounds trade those picks for the first.

I'd Fire Marty Hurney

Marty Hurney's 2nd and 3rd round picks since he became GM in 2002:

2nd-DeShaun Foster...done by 2008
3rd-Will Witherspoon...still playing!

2nd-Bruce Nelson...never played (injured
3rd-Mike Seidman...backup/done by 2007
3rd-Ricky Manning...backup/done by 2008

2nd-Keary Colbert...played for KC last year
3rd-Travelle Wharton...on IR for Bengals

2nd-Eric Shelton...never played
3rd-Evan Mathis...plays for the Eagles

2nd-Richard Marshall...3rd team/Dolphins
3rd-James Anderson...still w/ team

2nd-Dwayne Jarrett...enough said
2nd- Ryan Kalil...Hurney knows his linemen
3rd-Charles Johnson...like Meatloaf said (2 out of 3 ain't bad)

2nd-Jeff Otah...well, so Hurney screwed up here.
3rd-Chris Godfrey...underachiever/won't fault Hurney

2nd-Everette Brown...disaster/cut by the Leos
2nd-Sherrod Martin...another underachiever
3rd-Corey Irvin...5 career tackles/with Jax

2nd-Jimmy Clausen...panicked/reached
3rd-Brandon Lafell...To Be Determined
3rd-Armanti Edwards...NO CATCHES in 2 years; what a wasted pick.

3rd-Terrell McClain...already Cut from team
3rd-Sione Fua...Next DT to get cut from team

So there you have it...There needed to be more Pro Bowlers here, which is why the Panthers are not going to the playoffs in 2012.


Good analysis Fire. Games are won in round 1; divisions are won in rounds 2 and 3. Championships are won in the last rounds of the draft. The Panthers drafting hasn't been good, to say the least. To make things worse, people wouldn't admit to making a mistake. Maybe, that part is changing. They really need new scouts or a new system.


go panthers


Jeff Otah was a first round pick

Bill Polian

You are right...Jeff Otah was a First Round pick. Just goes to show that Hurney really does suck at his job!


@Bill - you actually suck, but that is another story.. All NFL teams miss on draft picks, even the Steelers, and Patriots.

Bill Polian

@catsnmbr1fan...actually, your wife sucks. She smokes a mean joe! But, that's another story.
You're an absolute idiot. Reviewing these picks above, it's no wonder why the Panthers have a LOSING RECORD under Marty Hurney's regime (79-81). As the Cats Number 1 fan, that must make you the number 1 LOSER! Do yu have any more excuses?
The Patriots have been to 6 Super Bowls since the Panthers inception and the Steelers have been to 5 Super Bowls since 1995. Do you have any more excuses?
Missing picks? This newspaper writer is lost. Further, if you even THINK this Panther team is going to the Playoffs, I'll bet you a Steak Dinner at Ruth's Chris's that you gladly pay for at season's end.

You are a dumb redneck and you don't know the first think about winning NFL football...just look at the Panthers record, chump.


You are right, the Patriots and the Steelers do miss on picks, as all teams do. However, those teams make the playoffs year in and year out. Can Hurney say that?


So I guess all the guys laying the losses at Hurney's feet are also giving all the credit for New England to their GM? No coaching involved? Nothing to do with how players are utilized? Just all about the GM. Interesting to know.


No, just saying when Fox was not working out here, we let him go. Hurney should of been right with him. Make no bones about it, Hurney makes the calls on personal. It is as simple as wins and losses. He has missed in the worst way in rounds 2-4. He does not and just not take all the blame, just the majority of it. There as been one constant over the last ten years, and it is Hurney.


omg people need to calm down


Kitty Kats will be no better than 5-11 this season. Look for a slow start, then a turn around in Oct, followed by a season ending injury to both Cam and Smitty. Sameold same old for these lowely felines.


Nice to know Saints trolls can type with one hand.

We need to win

This just in...The Panthers needed DL help afterall. So, instead of a high draft pick we can wait until another team has somebody they don't want on their team and claim they are awesome (really can push that pile). Tired of the convenient double-talk. I was kind of hoping that would change with the new coaching staff (and yes I know - it's Hurney)..

We need to win

And by the way...Championships are won through talent, game planning, coaching for execution and management of personnel (depth included). I think Hurney is an above average General Manager who has improved the management of contracts but I question where he has the money tied up and whether we really attacked our deficiencies. Did we need another OL in the second round or would we have been better served with a DL? I hope I am wrong - I love my Panthers!!!


As long as Hurney is the GM the Panthers will suck.

Bill Parcells

Gary is right...as long as Hurney is the GM of the Panthers, this team will not have solid drafts, nor uncover hidden talent. Maybe it's the Scouting Department that needs to be revamped. Looking at that list above, it clearly supports Hurney's lack of competence. Then, Bill Polian stated that the Cats have a losing record under Hurney's regime.
Now, how many of you people here are winners, or people that just accept losing by having excuses galore? Win EVERY year, and don't settle for less from your Panthers.


I'm still pissed that we didn't keep Will Witherspoon so we could resign Dan Morgan.
One of those decisions that seemed bad at the time and looks even worse now, with Will still chugging along and Dan, well who cares what he is doing now?

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