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big gulps

nirvana was good


that was hard to read

Tiny Tom

Too much paint huffin Tom, you're not ten anymore.

big gulps

this thing reads like a Clint Eastwood speech.


At some point people need to understand the purpose of a blog. This isn't an article published in the newspaper. It's simply the thoughts or feelings of the author.


At 4'11", Tom looks up to me

So Cam was your size when he first heard the song?


"LearnTo" is generally right about the purpose of a blog, but it would still be nice to feel a professional writer has put more time to produce a piece than it takes the reader to read it.

Some substance would also be appropriate from a pro like Tom--unless he's really just on a paid Florida vacation.

big gulps

atpantherspractice will report on game when it happens/ foodisgoodhereand i heard music. notascrowded here as charloteduetodncconventionandireallylikejoe adams.

soontocum, an article onboxing.

ToMSoRenSon reportingfromtampa.goodday

Bayou Randy

Don't beat up on Tom.....That's my job!!!!....LOL!!!


@bojangles newton - How about you speak english and spell check.. Your Thug language doesn't work on a blog..


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Cam Newton = Sleeper of the weekTom Brady = Baller of the weekTolbert = Show of SundayBears = Defensive Rake of the week Players to pay attention to next week -Hightower going ansagit DETPlaxico vs JaX secondariesFreeman is a good sleeper for next Sundayand well see if Ginn could do it aGINN Whats with Ochocinco taking like 3 snaps with the PATS?.. potential drama?

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