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Jumping up and down and yelling at players is what fans do. Coaches coach.


I didn't have much confidence in Geraldo when they hired him and he's done nothing to change my mind.

U Know

Great coaches have passion and that translates on the sidelines. Bill Belechek, Mike Ditka (Rivera played for him remember), Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, Tom Couflin, Joe Gibbs, Rex Ryan, come on I don't have time for this. Their job is to coach which means do something other than stand on the sidelines with your arms crossed. Coach, coach, coach. We are not to the point where our system runs like a well oiled machine! Coach, coach, coach. I see you coach Schiano, I see you working hard earning your keep. I see you in the superbowl in 3 years! Work it out my man!


I have to disagree. I honestly feel that especially football players respond positively to coaches that show emotion and passion for excelling and winning. Nobody except you said anything about screaming and yelling.

big gulps

i have concerns at coach and GM for this team


Tom, maybe there is a middle ground between 'screaming and yelling' as you say and standing like a statue talking to no one. I know he's not disengaged but he sure looks that way. We know the team is talent deficient in certain areas but the team also needs leadership, and to play with energy and passion. Based on observation and the results so far, don't get the feeling any of that is coming from the HC.

Man Up

It astounds me that this is the issue du jour. GET BACK TO PLAYING FOOTBALL CLOWNS. ENOUGH with this crap about sideline pouting and arms folding and whoever gives a crap. PLAY FOOTBALL. Your JOB IS TO PLAY FOOTBALL. Nobody gives a crap about your body language. You have one job. PLAY FOOTBALL.


Tom you write articles (sort of)...riveras "employees" run fast and hit people...which line of work would justify yelling? Lets not get the two professions confused please. Rivera just sits there looking a day late and dollar short all game


Funny how not jumping up and down and dropping F bombs on the sideline never prevented Bill Walsh from winning 3 Super Bowls with the 49ers.


Bill Walsh...and Ron Rivera...good one Panther Dave. Just funny to mention those two in the same sentence.


He has the passion of a turnip. I guess whether he folds his arms or not is not so important as the fact that neither he nor his staff seems actively engaged in real coaching, which incidentally they are well paid to do.


Being an ex-player Rivera understands what works on players and what doesn't so finding fault with his methods probably shows up those who do find fault as the types that scream bloody murder at their little children, in other words, failures!


he belongs outside of a cigar store!


Fans want Cam to pretend he wants to get better and fans want Ron to pretend he cares. C'mon Ron, at least look like you're questioning a call once in a while. How many plays has he challenged in 19 games? Two? Three?


U Know - Did you seriously post a list of passionate coaches that included The Hoodie in it? REALLY???????????????


I'd be a lot more worried if Rivera was chewing gum, clapping and insisting that a punt is a good play.


the problem isnt rivera not yelling, its rivera NOT COACHING.
he dont call the play on offense (chud is a good playdesigner not a playcaller)
he dont call play on defense, i dont now how he prepare the players mentally but looking at every start not very well.
and must of all he dont help cam progressing ;any coach would tell him stop chewing in the huddle you're quaterback not wr or rb ,any coach would try to calm him when score is close and he beggin to panic; any coach would tell him look at the assitant when he show you the precedent failled drive for christ sake brady mannings rodgers... they study EVERY drive .but all of that rivera didnt tell cam newton,and he is a kid he need structure.
so problem is rivera act like an assitant GM not like a coach.


este es un video que hace reflexionar a la mujer de no hrmlilauce mas ante nada ni nadie por que amar no es sufrir ni esperar migajas de nadie somos unicas y dignas de tener un hombre que sepa valorarnos y dar todo por una .


A quality at bat is an at bat that acoilpmcshes the mission. In baseball there are only three primary missions, getting on base, moving a runner over, and driving a runner in. However, there could be a game plan and the mission of each at bat could change somewhat according to the team's game plan. Ultimately, a quality at bat is measured by productivity, and generally it is in the areas of reaching base, hitting the ball hard, seeing a number of pitches, making the opposing pitcher work hard and expend energy, moving a runner over, and driving a runner in. Each coach should set up their own criteria for what they value according to their coaching/teaching philosophy.


Swinging at a good first pitch is not bad either. Check some MLB'ers and their avregae of swinging at first pitches. Look at a Matt Holliday. Career wise way above his normal numbers. I believe in working the count but also not in giving the pitcher a free pass on the first, second or what ever pitch. That ways he knows your hitters are there to hit on every pitch.


At the rate he's advancing tuhgroh the coaching ranks, he'll be the head coach of a big time program before too long. It's hard to believe that only 5 years ago he was an assistant for our KHS team and I don't think it was a coincidence that we had the best year of any KHS team ever. Congrats to a great guy and great coach.


If it was football I'd say so the Red Sox would have aecscs to the Yanks' playbook.I don't think he ever double dated with Jeter or A-Rod so he probably has no inside tabloid stuff to share.Maybe the signing is just to annoy Cashman a bit!

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