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Dear God... Now we have TB trolls here? I thought the Aints trolls were annoying, the TB fans are just as much & obviously delirious... Not to mention unnecessarily vulgar (Sarasota)
Enjoy the win now, but you're smoking some serious sh*t if you think the Bucs are going to the SB this year...

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A man can do no more than he can.

Cam scored 8 TDs on TB in 11

So the Panthers hang 80 points on the Bucs last year and they almost beat the Bucs while only rushing for 10 yards and their fans instantly think they can say anything? Not how it works. I remember my first win after December 2011


How embarrassing that this article covering the first game of the season is still up two days after the second game. Just sloppy, uncaring, and lazy, technical or editing work, and it's hardly the first time!

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