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I did a bad job of planning my day today. Hope to still maybe catch part of the Bobcats pre-season game before the Panthers game at 4.


I can understand why many pploee dislike Tebow. He is a nice guy who appears to have a set of beliefs that guide him. Given that so many pploee really dislike themselves and almost everything except perversion it make sense.I like the fact that he takes the time to try and understand the issues and become an informed voter. All the money in the world would not make a difference if voters became informed as is their responsibility. People say they dislike the negative advertising, but it works precisely because most are not informed and are willing to believe the worst about everyone else.Money and negative advertising would not have the affect that it does if every voter did a "Tebow" and actually became an informed voter. "I am just to busy." does not cut it for one of the most important responsibilities that each citizen has in this country. Failure to take responsibility and take seriously one's actions are exactly why we get the same kind of politicians who always fail in their job of representing us. Voters get exactly what they deserve for the effort they put into their responsibilities.A free country will not stay free as long as voters fail to become informed voters as the founding fathers envisioned. The dislike of Tebow is exactly the same as the dislike for pploee of faith.

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