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Tiny Tom

Must have been nice not to have been the shortest guy in attendance too.


Hey Tom,

What ever happened to McClain? the Panthers 3rd round DT??


Kemba is playing some ball. Now let's get him some help please.


Kemba took 16 shot attempts?!? Odds are, he'll be out of the league if he continues to be a shooting guard, rather than learn to be an effective & efficient point guard.


@CLTfan I don't know what team your watching but the bobcats need Kemba to score. If his teammates knock down the open shots he gives them the assist would be there. Ramon Session took 16 shots too. Kemba and Gerald and Gordan are their best players so why can't kemba take 16 shots.


7 assists and zero turnovers for Kemba. And he led the team in scoring as well. Those numbers will have you in the all star game before you are out of the league.


@Respect: I am watching the 'Cats and your point is valid, but I am more concerned that he only hit on 6 of 16 attempts. That's only 37% and that's hurting the team as a "point guard." Furthermore, could it be that Kemba's teammates can't knock down their shot because Kemba has yet to learn how to effectively distribute the ball (like a point guard) to others at the right place for the higher percentage shot? Bottom line is, if he can't develop the skills as a true point guard, I just don't see Kemba lasting in the NBA acting as a shooting guard with a point guard's body. I hope he proves me wrong, but I don't think he's Allen Iverson.


7 assists and zero turnovers. That is not hurting your team. Also indicates he is more than willing to pass. How about getting him some teammates?

Ball expert

Kemba is on the worst team in the history of the NBA. To put up the numbers he did the last couple of games is amazing.


charlottean still butthurt about losing DJ has been going all over talking down Kemba.

40 minutes with NO TOs. Give this team an inside presence and he along with everyone else will look a LOT better.

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