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I have no doubt that Marty worked hard to try and make the Panthers successful. However, he is 100% accurate that there is a losing culture in Charlotte. I bet 9 out of 10 people who watched the game last night (myself included) knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Cowboys were going to score on their last possession to take the lead. Every time I watch a game, I think to myself, "we better be up by two scores with 6 minutes to go, or else we're going to lose." I have no faith in this team in protecting a lead or leading a comeback in the final seconds of a game. Hurney is right--the buck stops with him. He had to go.


I agree completely. Unfortunately, Hurney helped foster this culture of losing by resigning his players to huge deals when they had only been a part of ONE winning team. Now, here we are 4 losing seasons later and we don't seem to be much better than the 2-14 team that took the field in 2010.

Loyalty is a valuable ethos, but unfortunately, Hurney's unyielding loyalty to his guys seems to have created a team that lacks accountability. Hurney seems like a standup guy and brought us some success - the highs were high. But too often we were medicore-to-poor during his tenure, and that's what ultimately did him in. Now his players need to fear for their jobs, because the new sheriff, whomever it is, will have no such loyalty to anybody on this roster including the coaches. If that doesn't kick them in the rear, nothing will.

Michael Procton

Jonathan, your commentary is misguided and unfair in targeting Hurney for criticism. It was RICHARDSON who urged Hurney to resign the core of that 2-14 team so the fans wouldn't notice how much talent he had purged prior to the 2010 season to make a labor point. Before that, Hurney had never put a "poor" team on the field, with his worst efforts resulting in 7-9 teams that were in the playoff race lat in the season. Many of THOSE seasons, even, were caused by injuries at key positions (Delhomme elbow, Smith leg, Hartwig groin, Morgan everything, the list goes on.)

big gulps

lots of people get fired for performing poorly on the job, and that is how it should be done. time to let someone else try.

it was long over due.


the only thing Hurney has been right about is that the losing culture is his fault...worst 2nd & 3rd round drafter I have ever seen (Armati, E Brown, Tolbert, Jarrett, & on)...he should have been replaced years ago


Well then he should have resigned a few years ago.

Marquita Moore

Charlotte considers themselves the major city of NC but they should consider themselves the greediest. Charlotte is so CHEAP when it comes to sports that they never can recruit anyone worth anything. Cam came because he knew no better and was fresh out of college. What a mistake he made. Same as the Bobcats. Jordan has all this money but doesn't want to hire any players with talent. I blame the money hoggers for this.


hurney wasnt the one calling those rediculous plays, missed all those takcles, throwing and int in the endzone. give me a break. a lot of blame can go to hurney, but he is not the one on the field or calling the plays


Hurney deserves a LOT of the blame for the slow development of the Panthers. He directed the drafts, which always fuels a team's ultimate success or failure. He also made some poor personnel decisions, overpaying some players or mismanaging the signings in a way that made no sense (who in the NFL today has TWO high-priced running backs in a passing league?) Hurney cannot be blamed for injuries, or player development, or gameday strategy. I think he is one of those guys everybody likes, and the big-money players REALLY like him. Unfortunately he was what he was...a former sportswriter who really wasn't very qualified to do his job. Thank you Jerry. Now, go out and find a professional, the best available, who can craft the right strategy to get this team going in the right direction.


We're tired of EXCUSES! Put the product on the field or more heads are going to roll.......

catamount 79

To rafi,

No you're right, he wasnt the one making the play calls, or the one missing tackles, dropping passes, and throwing interceptions. But he is responsible for hiring almost every single one of those people.

He designed this team, the design is flawed. Hopefully this is the start of turning things around.

Personally, I think Rivera is next.


Two words: Mike Holgrem.


I think Marty made some mistakes in the draft like drafting RBs in the first round back to back years and trading up to get Otah. Otah was highly regarded coming out of school though. You can bash him on Everett Brown - but he was projected to be a first rounder. Same thing with Jarrett and Jimmy Clausen. There were a few other bad picks but there were some great ones too. Overall Marty wasn't that bad in the draft - and excelled in the late rounds. The issue is free agency. Maybe nobody wants to play here - so we are stuck with who we can draft. Anyway - we need to cut some guys and reshape this team and I don't think Marty had the stomach to cut guys like DeAngelo. This is why he was fired - and Richardson is looking for an ax-man...




Also... Richardson hired Rivera - Marty just went along with it. Rivera hired his staff - again Marty just went along with it. Marty negociated the contracts for some of the players - but I doubt he made the ultimate decisions on who to go after in free agency. Richardson has been pulling all the strings - Marty has just been his "yes" man and paperwork guy. And scategoat too...

Charlotte Lawyer

Goodbye Marty. Had a few good memories and too many bad ones. Good luck to the next GM to try and do something with this roster and no cap room.



Mike Holmgren??? Really? What did he do in Cleveland when he had full control?



What did Bill Billichick do for Cleveland while he was there? Now look what he is doing for New England. Not that Mike Holmgren would even consider the Panther's organization. But I think he is a true "football guy" and understands the way the NFL works and should be a consideration.


Hurney got fired for spending money. Lots of it on players that haven't lived up to their side of the bargain. The reason for that is coaching, which also falls under Hurney. Now the Panthers are broke and can't bring anyone in to help the team, and the coaches he's hired are too stupid to realize they can't run out of the shotgun every play. They are so dumb that fans realize that you have to shoot for efficiency in an offense, not "chunks". If that's all you're trying to do, defenses have it easy. He may have the record for hiring the world's dumbest coaches. I mean how can you not realize what's going on

Greg Palmer

No one was complaining when we went to the Super Bowl and followed up with a trip to another NFC championship game in 2005/06. Hurney did a fine job, but his success obviously tapered off over the last 5 years. I wish him well in the future and thank him for the good job he did here.


I agree it makes no sense to fire Hurney now when NFL rules forbid interviewing or hiring candidates from other NFL teams. Now the Panthers will have no GM for the rest of the season, and Rivera will be seen as a lame duck coach. It will be amazing if he can keep the support of the team and get them to play at the level they did last year. Ricardson made a mistake this time. He could have told Hurney and Rivera privately that he wouldn't renew Hurney's contract at the end of the season, that would have sent the same message to both of them without causing the team to now worry that a new GM will bring in anew coach next year. 3 coaches in 4 years is the mark of very poor teams. The Panthers still have a lot of potential. If he team goes 2-9 for the
rest of the season the fans can blame him this time, and Cam will be sure to leave when his deal expires after 2013.

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