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Al Waters

I just want to know, who put Kahil up to this Super Bowl ad, that we're on our way, this year. Everyone is blaming someone, Kahil is probably laughing. Let's get Kahil!


I agree; I don't know what this accomplishes. Personally I kind of feel like the playcalling has been the most glaring problem, though as fans we aren't exactly privy to much of the goings on in Pantherland, so, who knows. But Hurney put together a quality roster, which hasnt changed from last year aside from the cast offs from San Diego, which the coaches seem to like more, even though they're worse players. Bottom line: fix the playcalling. Listen to Cam. Find a balance.


Sends a message to the other coaches.


I have had cancer (a dozen operations) so I can speak with some authority on it as an analogy. Anytime you have a cancer like a Marty Hurney, you have to cut it out quickly. Better to have an empty hole than a slow spreading plague of death. Cutting it out saves the life of the entity that it has a hold on, be it flesh or be it an organization.


Bench Cam and play Armani Edwards at QB. The we need to sign Plaxico Buress to allow Smitty to regain his all-pro status. Then we need to throw boatloads of cash to Bill Cowher so that he can come save this lousy team. Trading Munnerlyn for some high draft picks would be awesome too. Cutting either D-Will or J-Stew would allow us to sign a real running back. They need to get Shockey back up and on the team too.


did this guy seriously just post that we needed to cut ties with steve smith?

dude is 5 years away from cementing his spot in canton as the first panther to do so and you want to cut ties with him. even though he was among the top WR's in the league last year no doubt boosting newton's stats and reputation big time. come on man.

top 30 all time soon to be top 10 all time. horrible fan base.


I agree with John Q, seeing Farve in any jeesry other than a Packer jeesry would almost seem un-American. If Farve wants to play I think it would be great, I'm not a Packers fan but I am a fan of #4. If Jordan can do it . yeah, I put Farve in the same class as MJ, why not Farve? However, I'd like to see Bret ride off in the sunset just like a true American hero, I don't think anyone wants to see him come back and have to retire due to injury or after having a below .500 season. Thats just my opinion.

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