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Love this kid, lets give him time to find his true self and i think we'll all be blessed and amazed! Remember your life at 23...I dont think any of us would be able to handle a starting QB job in the NFL and everything that comes with it.

Tom Tom


A Teacher

I'm a teacher at Randolph. I don't know if Cam truly knows just how much this gift will go to improving our students' education. Here in CMS, there's always enough books, paper, and chalk, but this gift is going to provide educational opportunities that our students would never been able to experience otherwise. We are so greatful for his generosity! Thank you Cam Newton!!!


It's obvious "Patrick Peterson's jersey" got very little education in school. Just a cheap shot punk that doesn't belong in this article. Thanks Cam for your generosity and encouraging the students. It's a great thing to do.


I am so sick of reading the criticisms of this young man. This article tells all you need to know about Cam Newton. He is a fine young man and I think for whatever it is worth he will develop into a great quarterback. Events like this are more important.


Interesting that a guy who dropped out of college to play football would encourage young people to get a good education. Live and learn, I suppose. Still, good for Cam and good for his foundation, but he'll do well to remember that if his professional career doesn't change course soon, he won't have money to donate to worthy schools like this.

Non Alabama fan

Awesome. I hope the more Cam does stuff like this, the more relaxed he will be. If he continues to work hard, good days will be ahead for this franchise.

DC Dude

Go Cam, be worthy everyday.
You have supporters.

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