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It would be so nice if The Panthers and Bobcats were good Pro teams. Like San Fran has 2 good teams...like Boston,Chicago&New York

Charlotte has 2 teams that suck. If it wasnt for Duke and Carolina basketball we would be the worst sports state in the country.


umm, alaska, hawaii, idaho, N&S Dakota, new Mexixo, NH, VT, ME, CT and many more ... I got advice for Cam though, stop talking about leading and just lead ..


If you listen Cam, you to can become a legend....


Yes, he lives in the Trust.
But MJ was there first.

Tired of Cam's baby act

One huge distinction between these two talented people. MJ made every teammate of his a better player. Cam can’t grasp the fact that other people matter.


Sure Foxvoft. We need to get Bob Johnson back. I will take Jordan, Cho and Dunlap over Richardson, Hurney and Rivera.

sports consultant

Honestly, Cam Newton has to be more disciplined as good of a runner he is, he has to give it up. receivers don't try as hard when they know the QB is just gonna run when he cant find anyone. (throw the ball away) that's disrespectful to the running backs,Jonathan Stewart don't suck he's demoralized and confused and unmotivated to play ( I would Be) as much as he likes to carry the load, he and the organization have to use a little more deception.

Example: teams are probably using the same strategies to defend him. Imagine if a team built a game plan to defend his running lanes and he did not run once the entire game. what if a man was supposed to spy on him for the entire game that would be a waste of a defender 10 vs 11 or what if he threw all short 5 and 10 yard passes for the majority of the game or what if the ran with Jonathan Stewart 30 times i mean a full block power scheme.

he plays for stats once he stop trying to get individual accolades as he did throughout his life then he will understand the game better However,the bad behavior can become stuck if he doesn't accept the deception and chess mindset. ( my opinion)


Hey Sports Consultant. Cam doesn't call the plays. You need to start providing refunds for your services.


Good point, Isaiah. Cam talks about being a leader constantly. It's as if the primary goal is to be a leader and the secondary goal is to win games. Leaders don't pound their chest, they lead. Prima donnas pound their own chest.


that was the best advice from a former player jordan now owner anyone has given him cam
look at the bright side when jordan started he was a one man show then came the players he got involved around him
think about it


Newton is better as a 2nd year quarterback than Jordon was a 2nd year basketball player. Just saying...


Get Cam out of the pocket and scrambling like last year and we might have an explosive offense again. This pocket passer thing is not creating any openings.

Vesuvius Wilhelm

Love my team...Hate the whiney, crybaby fans...Your what makes this state suck when it comes to sports.


Below is my post on Inside the Panthers immediately following the Chicago game. Apparently, MJ and I are on the same page regarding Cam's required strategy to help fix things.

"Cam...for your suggestion box. Look in the mirror. You are a huge part of the problem. Fumbling at the goal line? Really? Erratic passes, whether they are long or short? You need to learn consistency and touch. Try throwing a real footbal when you have time off instead of playing X-box. That's how REAL quarterbacks learn to get better and trust their touch. You have zero confidence and it shows, but you try to mask it as though others are the problem. Get a clue."

Posted by: dangburnit | Oct 28, 2012 4:41:45 PM


Problem is simple. Cam came out all bluff and bluster, relying on college trick plays to get by. He's good. And so is Chud, but everyone has compensated now and rocked Cam's egoistic world. At this point he's got to do a Tina Tuner and remake himself. And THat, starts with humility. He has to be humble to get the full support of his team. Without them, he's nothing. Me? I'm behind Cam and the Panthers 1000%.

Richard C. Shaw

Oh Well


KenJ should travel to Greenville for an ECU game, pretty great environment even though they are struggling lately. Over 50,000 Tailgating rabid fans, best college football environment in NC. Ncsu can be fun for football too. UNC is pretty lame, no one ever fills the place. They are rarely loud till they beat ncsu every 6 years.


Exactly,we need new plays just about all the teams no wat we going to do.Of course we got work we got to do the potential is there we saw it wen we played the Saint,Cowboys,Bears,Falcons we had these games just stupid discussion that cost us these games,I"m not giving up on the Panthers!!!


Cam is not showing he has improved on his fundamentals and that is very concerning to me. Fundamentals such as proper footwork, accuracy, and making the proper MENTAL reads on offense is LACKING. Just makes me wonder where exactly his head is sometimes. To me, this year has shown that Cam is closer to a Vince Young, rather than a Steve Young! Cam makes decent throws when receivers are open, but CANNOT make the throw to help his receive stay open to catch the ball!! I hope he proves me wrong, but NOT working on his fundamentals and perfecting his craft concerns me. Go Panthers!!


I don't recall Superman (the imaginary character who "really was" Superman) ever showing off...true superstars don't need to. Cam, why not give teammates acknowledgement for their contributions instead of brushing them aside to do your scoring celebrations? How about making it about team & not all about YOU!

Louis Murphy saved Cam's fumble, scoring six points, and Cam didn't even acknowledge Murphy when he slapped Cam's shoulder on the bench afterward.

Nita Kiser

I think Cam should revert to first year CAM I AM (without the towel). I am certainly not as knowledgeable as some, just a southern gal who became a fantasy football fan so my husband and sons would know I was in the room. I do, however, wish the players could hear me on Sundays yelling "go to the outside instead of trying to barrel through 1,000 pounds of muscle!" I do still think that perhaps some staff changes might increase our chance to win more games.

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