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big gulps



correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Campbell the first school Charlotte plays in football?!


Rick - you are correct. Campbell at Charlotte on the new McColl-Richardson Field on 8/31/2013. Sorry, Mike, you're gonna be 0-1. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweet! Campbell U is going to benefit and Camel players are going to be better men if they listen to what MM is selling!

This is funny

Good guy, maybe...but Campbell is a Division I football program. I know a lot of local HS coaches who saw him in action at little First Assembly Christian that will laugh hysterically at this.


Mike Minter is a class act and I wish him nothing but enormous success.

I wish that he and Ruck too were both on the Panthers staff right now.


I wish we could suit up Minter tonight. Congrats Mike!


Gutsy, Yet smart move by Campbell.


damn the panthers defense suk especially against the run.1st round pick second overall in 2013 draft


Campbell is also near Dunn & Benson off I-95. Mule Days rocked in Benson! Good luck to the team & their new coach!

rod black

minter is a crook
don't look at his football career, look at his business record when things didn't go his way,
screwed over many, check out the court records and how his assets were tucked into family members so he could duck crediters.
not the class act he pertends to be hiding behind his relegion

Panther/Steeler fan

I was hoping Catawba College would get him. It's close to his Kannapolis home and I think he will be a good coach.

Big Bad John

roddy boy black, take two aspirin and call us in a few years when your distemper calms down. There's always one like you on these posts. Congrats to Coach Minter.


As a Campbell Football mom, I'm delighted with the selection. My boy loves football and loves the Lord which sounds a lot like our new coach. Go Camels!


I don't know what Rod is talking about, but I have heard stories that he doesn't have the best sportsmanship in the world. And I have a GREAT source. Winning isn't everything. Don't believe everything you see in the media.
I do wish him luck though.


Funny, when Campell annouced football I dashed off a scathing email to UNCCs power brokers re: Why Campbell, why not UNCC? Fastforward, a ton of CLT folks suggesting Minter as first UNCC HC?. Well, fastforward again, Mike Minter is HC at Campbell, UNCCs first opponent. Nice.

Coach Chis

Great Hire!!

Pay per Head

I think it's a good opportunity for Campbell.
He's done a good job.


Let us not forget that even though Campbell is a division 1 football team, it is a non-scholarship program. Therefore the talent is not your typical division 1 caliber so the fact that Minter was a high school HC might not be a far stretch from what he will be getting at Campbell. Either way, GO CAMELS!

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