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Good luck to Mike Minter, such a class act for the Panthers and an inspiration to so many of our youth in the area.


Best of luck. Legendary PANTHER

Jon G.

Cannot wait to see Mike Minter lead the football program here at my school. ECSTATIC!

Big Bad John

Campbell University made an excellent choice. Good luck to coach Minter. I wish him great luck except against the Charlotte 49ers next fall.


A solid player and an even better person who I've come to know quite well. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike Minter and I wish him nothing but the best of luck!


Go Camels!


a great guy, but an average player.
Hopefully he understands that coaches don't get paid to be great guys, nor do they succeed because they are great guys.


Maybe Mike can help get the football stadium at Campbell finished now that he is the coach.

Wild Bill D

What a mistake. Mike is the winner here. Horrible business man who puts up an awesome front. Talk to the people he owes $ to and see if they'd want him to represent an organization like Campbell. Great player, not a great person. Do your homework and check him out - if they had they may have chosen differently.


Good luck Mike and Go Big Red.


Good Luck, Mike. You can insure success if you can fix it so your players don't have to go to class.


Congratulations Mike!!! Welcome to the Campbell family.


Maybe Mike will stay somewhere more than one season. It takes a couple years to find out if you are real or hype.

Out of Bounds

Agree in part with Wild Bill above - he left a lot of other people paying his debts. . .

This is funny

Good guy, maybe...but Campbell is a Division I football program. I know a lot of local HS coaches who saw him in action at little First Assembly Christian that will laugh hysterically at this.


Ohhhh Wild Bill D. You sound like a bitter old man who doesn't know Mike at all. Don't be jealous that he's actually done something with his life. He is the most hard working man i've ever had the honor of knowing. Do you really think that Campbell did no research on him? Are you dense? Of course they did! Are you home right now? Sitting on your computer with nothing better to do than to attempt to degrade a man that you clearly don't know at all?

Good luck Mike! We all know that you will do wonderful things for Campbell! You deserve it!

Walter Rivers Sanborne

This will not be pretty. Condolences to the prud Camels alumni.

Wild Bill D

RE: Richard - I actually have personal experience and debt with this man and his company. I know know him and his family and business VERY well. He hides behind a facade of lies and deceit and is in such bad straights he jumped at any school willing to pay him more money. Ask him where his family is, where his companies went. He's a joke. He was a horrible sportsman, played to the cameras and squandered a fortune. Richard, I'm not jealous. I'm sad for him.


NUCORNDEVIL, you are a mess. Do you know that five star athletes are the ones who usullay can't read defenses or offenses. They just have pure ability. Burfict of ASU is a perfect example. Skill, with no mental part of the game. It's player development. We didn't know we would have a new LB or DB coach, that Dennard wouldn't start off the season, and that Crick wouldn't finish the season. When life throws problems, you don't pull redshirts off of kids to come in second place. The offensive line is young and defense will emerge. Kevin Williams, is a perfect example. Going to contribute, but, got hurt. I'm sorry to hurt your feelings, but, you can get rid of Bo, only if you want another Callahan. All of his five and four stars were busts You tell me, where is Marlon Lucky or the qb who went to NC state and stunk it up DO you homework and don't let others swade u by a recruiting class. It's the only championship Mac Brown has won since his actual title .have class

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