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Go CATS! Things are looking up. (Cmon, let's be optimistic.)


Now if you could only reign in your buddy Scott. This BS of calling Cam's performance "average" is an outright lie. We are 2-7, Cam's QB rating is in the bottom 20% of the league. He would have to become Joe Montana the next five games to become average.

Now as for the Bobcats, WAY TO GO!!! Keep winning and this city will forget the pansies in BOA. MJ has shown to be the only pro sports owner around who provides a watchable product. Imagine leaving a game in Charlotte and being happy. It can happen Panthers Fans, but you have to pull for the right squad!


The Bobcats weren't at full strength either. Go Cats!


Bobcats... pfft. Does anybody care? I stopped watching the NBA when we lost the Hornets. And, God forbid, if we ever lose the Panthers I might give up on the NFL too.


Yea, HiHO... Lots of us care. Sorry you're still living in the past. Great clutch shot last night by Kemba. Go Bobcats!


HiHo will be the first to claim this was his team all along when they become the darlings of the city.


HiHo, do you still sit around and pout about the high school girlfriend who dumped you 25 years ago? The Hornets are gone, hopefully forever. LET'S GO CATS!!!


Bobcats were missing Gordon and Henderson, so I think it's a wash when we beat other shorthanded teams.


LovinIt, really? MJ has shown to be the only pro sports owner who provides a watchable product? Have you forgotten the Bobcats have only made the playoffs once? Have you forgotten the previous crappy deals and drafts he has had? I still love both the Cats, and hope they both succeed. But come on, think before you post


The Panthers have not had a watchable product on the field in almost three years. They have three winning seasons in 17 years. They are worse than bad. They are the mid 70's Bucs. The ownership management does nothing to improve. They know they have your money, and that is their only concern. Sorry you can't see it.

BTW, is your real name Scott Fowler?


"I stopped watching the NBA when we lost the Hornets"...probably still ill about "tax payer money building a shiny new arean uptown" too. Move on man.


KembaRocks, HiHo never had a girlfriend in High School, or at anytime for that matter. Haters gonna hate. I'm glad to see the Cats win, I don't care who it is against or how shorthanded they are. This team won 7 games last year, any win is great. They are exciting to watch. Do I think they go to playoffs, no. If MKG can stay out of foul trouble, and Mullie keeps playing well, we can eclipse the 20 win mark.


Cho has assembled a solid foundation it appears. Two good back to back draft picks and a coach who knows what it takes to win. Those 3.5 hour practices have given the Bobcats an obvious edge over the teams they've played it appears.


HiHo, HiHo, it's off to work you go and good riddance!

Here's hoping there will be no 'family emergencies' Sat night and the Grizz;ies will meet their match.

Spaceman Mike

Im tired of all the MJ hate. Yes he had a bad product last season but all around the Bobcats are a surperior product to the Panthers. The financial cost and time cost of going to a panthers game isnt worth it compared to the little time and money it costs to go to a Bobcats game. Also the Bobcats make an effort show fan appreciation. They had a terrible season last year so they do buy one get one free season tickets. Have a beer special night on wednesday, have discounted T-shirts ect. One of the preseason games was free for Middle school students. What do the panthers do? Raise ticket prices year after year regardless of team achievements, ban smoking, ask you to sit down while cheering. Im sorry but I gladly spend my money going to the Cable Box over the travasty that is BOA stadium


Offense & Defense has improved. The team believes. The coach leads. Wins speak for themselves!


Kemba is turning out to provide some real value as the #9 pick!! May be the best draft pick of MJ's tenure.


Can't agree more Spaceman. Half price concessions on opening night. Jerry would never do that. New uniforms for the Cats. If the Panthers made any changes, who ciuld tell. At least MJ is trying and it is notioceable. Looks like he has a nucleus to build on. The future is bright for the Bobcats and I can't stomach the Panthers and old ma Richardson.


Ok - so I have to say I REALLY like this Bobcats team. MKG has done enough to get me feeling a better about picking him second. I wanted a trade down - but MKG could end up a star in another year or two. Kemba and Sessions are playing great. Mullens is getting better on the boards. Biyombo is getting better and is on target to be a solid defender. Haywood is doing what he was hired to do. So that leaves three veterens... Thomas is starting to get some confidence which is huge for him. He still has great potential. Henderson and Gordon have been great when they have played - so when they get back the Cats could hang around 500 all year and end up the 7th or 8th seed. That would be a GREAT season.


I forgot Taylor - he is progessing at a great rate and should become a solid player. Reggie Williams is going to get more minutes since Matt was traded so maybe we can see him gain some confidence too. Either one of these guys will play a ton of minutes once Gordon and Henderson get back though...


MJ has made some good moves lately... Let's give him and his managers some credit. Solid trade for Mullens. Solid trade for Maggette and then for Gordon. So we ended up getting two frist round picks and Gordon for Steven Jackson? Is that right... Four good draft picks in the last two years and signing Sessions and Haywood was great. Hiring Dunlop was a nice move too - going with a teacher since these players are mostly very young men was very smart idea.

Big E

They should be even better up front athletically and defensively with the addition of Hakim Warrick. They have some good peaces. Maybe they can package Thomas before mid season and have Warrick to do basically the same at a much cheaper price. Just a thought.

Big Money

WOW! I love all this positive Cats energy! I declare, it was just two years ago that people kept holding up the Panthers as the "model" franchise in this city. And a bunch of haters would come on here and whine about the new arena. But now, people believe in the NBA franchise and POUNCE on any old haters who try to crash the party. Get that old hate out of here! The arena was built and the 'Cats are here to stay and I'm glad for it!

Now question for all: I believe we receive an additional first round pick for the next draft. Does anyone know? Thanks.

Guy at the airport

Love this team, can't wait until I can buy a Kemba Walker Charlotte Hornets jersey next year.


I'm excited that we are on a winning streak (although my boy Matt has been traded...although I do understand, if you don't play him what's he to you?) and I'm excited for this season. Wins can only keep morale up and once Henderson gets back in the game I think we'll be even better. I'm liking Mike Dunlap's approach. Now all we need to be is consistent throughout the entire game.

Love my Cats!

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