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NASCAR rose dramatically for these reasons, and for the novelty of it. North of the Mason-Dixon line and Ohio River, and west of the Mississippi River, barely anyone knew what NASCAR was until 2000 or so. When Fox and NBC took the races national, a bunch of people tuned in to see the new sport on the block. They liked it and they stayed a while.

Then they saw the flaws. They saw the ridiculous, asinine policy of pulling the winning car through inspection and declaring, "We found an illegal part on your car. You are still listed as the race winner, but we're taking points off the board, giving you the points you would have had if you had finished 10th."

They saw the wildly inconsistent applications of punishment. Jeff Gordon intentionally wrecked someone. Give him a very small fine and tell him not to do it again. Dale Earnhardt Jr. cussed during a post-race interview after he won. Reduce the points awarded him to the amount of points you get for finishing 5th. Kevin Harvick attacked another driver after the race. A lot of people think he's an arrogant punk. Suspend him for a race. Kyle Busch wrecked someone on the track. Lots of folks hate him too. Park him for a week.

And worst of all, when these ridiculous inconsistencies are questioned, when information on new safety measures is requested, when comments are made wondering if the sport is headed in the right direction, you get the head France yelling at the top of his lungs, "I AM THE BOSS! THIS IS MY SPORT! WHAT I SAY GOES! DO NOT DARE QUESTION ME ON ANYTHING! WE DO THINGS MY WAY, AND MY WAY ONLY! THIS IS MY SPORT! I AM THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As long as things like this continue, NASCAR will continue its slide back into obscurity.


It still amazes me that sportswriters can't see it. NASCAR's popularity is directly correlated to the name Earnhardt. After Sr. died, most of the fans left. After Jr. retires (this year, trust me I have inside info) it will drop another 30% or so. There are no stars in racing. Jimmy Johnson has the marketability of a used shoe and he is the best ever in the sport. Until NASCAR contracts and comes back to the south, it will be on the fringe. Get rid of idiotic races like Phoenix and California. Nobody cares there.

big gulps

All the nascar fans are now watching honey boo boo and other shows like that that are stripping away at the dominant market they had for their "target audience".

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