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John Blakely

Tom: Never say never. If Mecklenburg doesn't pony up millions, I think Jerry is out of here.

joe cool

Morgan is a moron!


The Panthers are not going anywhere. Anybody who thinks so is a moron.

Fast  Freddie

The whole "Yes" "Who" "Yes" conversation tells you all you need to know about the mental state of Evil Heart aka Jerry Richardson. He's one step above handicap at this point it seems and isn't fit to run this team.
As bad as Hurney was, who hired him? Who wanted him to sign all these existing players for big contracts? Ok great he brought a team here, but he's still a bottom feeder among owners in the NFL in terms of success.


Richardson cares more about winning than anyone. The problem is he has put too much faith in the wrong people. That being said, the Panthers aren't going anywhere, so move along. Nothing to see here.


This guy who made this article up is an idot! Thats what the media does, right? Stir the pot up and get people to read.


Two winning seasons out of sixteen. Who gives a flying floater what they do. Their product is unwatchable.

james hill

Charlotte WILL pay millions to keep the team here. It is that simple


Follow the money trail...Jerry won`t comment on a move but it wouldn`t surprise me to see the NFL say to him ...let`s get a team in LA. He can spend his last years on beach. There is Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore in our area. The more likely team to move would be Jacksonville....it`s in a bad area with poor gameday attendance.

J. Edward Crutchfield, Jr

The simple facts are that BOB MORGAN should have kept his mouth SHUT and not try to do a FEAR number just to get support for more tax dollars to "upgrade" BofA Stadium.
If Jerry wants escalators ,let him pay for them! There is ZERO debt on the stadium which was paid for by PSLs and now those PSL owners CANNOT get out for 50% of what they paid!
Taxpayers have been overburdened long enough. Our elected officials have been far too gullible in catering to the wishes of the "UPTOWN" crowd. I.E. Charlotte is the only city in America that had THREE coliseums at one time! Remember CITY FAIR?


I'll bet ol' Jerry had his boys float this "rumor" out there just like he did the "unofficial" stadium renovation request.



I was working in Baltimore when the Colts pulled out for Indianapolis in the middle of the night. Talk about some really unhappy fans!!!!


Cam Newton might leave...probably will. But the Panthers aren't going anywhere.


Okay all you pessimist. Richardson does care more about winning. The problem is he has put too much faith in the wrong people. Unless they higher a quality GM and fiery coach, they will be another St Louis, Buffalo, Oakland, KC.

In tha know

He got his kids out of the business so when he passes away the team can be given to them with tax advantages. If they were working for the team, teh taxes paid would have been higher.


My bet is San Diego and St. Louis. Don't forget, L.A. could support 2 teams if they had a decent stadium. Panthers are here forever.


Earth to Morgan. That's the most idiotic thing you have said. The Panthers will never leave Charlotte. Can you not worry about something that makes sense.


I can see the Jags moving to LA, but not the Panthers!

Big Daddy

I agree the Panthers arent going anywhere!!! Far too many suspect teams like jacksonsville that would end up moving but not the CATS!!!!


I think it is pretty cool that the CO is letting elementary school kids have a column!

big gulps

who cares....


I would say Jaguars would move to LA first, but I think they would be the first NFL team not located in the USA. The NFL is very serious of growing the game overseas, possibly London or Montreal.

Next on the list are St. Louis and San Diego. Both of which are prime for the picking before the Panthers are on that list. I can see San Diego move north 125 miles to LA for the new stadium and bigger California audience.


whoever started this idiotic rumor should move to la...imo


You just witnessed Richardson's first salvo in the stadium renovation negotiations. Charlotte will pony up the funds even faster because Jerry might move the team. Like California needs another losing franchise.


to jayboy 59...Ask the folks in Baltimore if they ever thought the Colts would leave.

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