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L.A Panthers....sounds like a gang. Team isn't going anywhere, here to stay. When the city was awarded a team, Jerry's thank you, thank you, thank you speach was one for the record books.


There's no chance in hell they are leaving Charlotte. Let alone for California. If anything, this is all a part of the negotiations for the stadium upgrades. And we all know the Charlotte Chamber and city council are the biggest wolf criers in town. I agree with the poster who said, "whoever started this idiotic rumor should move to LA".


Jay, Please don't comment that the Jaguars should move because they don't sell enough tickets. And EverBank holds more than Pittsburgh's home (with the 10,000 covered tarps ON) and how many people live in Pittsburgh compared to Jax? If the Jags were to move, it's because the London Shaguars come calling and Khan hears CHA CHING!!! But the Jags would pay a ton of penalities to the city for breaking the lease agreement. Who would go before Carolina: San Diego, Oakland, Tampa, St Louis, Cincy, Cleveland, Jacksonville or BUFFALO!



JR ascribes to the PT Barnum mantra: to paraphrase, there's a sucker born every minute.




Actually, I would like to see the Panthers move. The city doesn't deserve a team. When half the fans show up wearing the visiting team colors and the other have leaves at the end of the 3rd quarter to "beat the traffic". Those are only fairweather fans at best. Maybe there's about 10% real die hards but mostly get on the bandwagon when the team is winning, and the rest are there for the socializing and to see and be seen.


Go, Tom! This is all about Morgan trying to prep us for the fact that the Panthers are going to want money to update the stadium. Fine. Understandable. But the manipulation of the fan base by Bob Morgan is obvious and not appreciated.


"to jayboy 59...Ask the folks in Baltimore if they ever thought the Colts would leave".......Charlotte 'ain't' Baltimore.

GSO Cats Fan

This isn't George Shinn we're talking about. Jerry Richardson isn't going to taint his legacy by allowing the Panthers to leave town.

The Panthers may not be winning franchise any time soon. But they aren't going to LA or anywhere else.


Lets all just hope that his successor shares his conviction and loyalty to this area. The team is certainly not lacking support or revenues.

Bob Bundy

this article confirms it that this writer is a mo ron esp. after listening to him all those years on primetime

big gulps

put a bounty on manning's neck

George Hanson

Fast Eddie up there nails it, just a ploy to pressure taxpayers into paying for stadium upgrades.

Having said that, the Panthers very well could move to LA.

You see, in the grand scheme of things The Big Fat Cat won't be the owner much longer. LA just might be on the radar screen for the new owner.

Until Fat Cat specifically clarifies succession plans this will remain an issue.


The Panthers are going to turn the corner,soon! Plus, this is the fastest growing city in America. They plan to upgrade the stadium. There will be to many other events to be held in that facility.

Marty Nicholson

No way this team leaves. Jacksonville, St. Louis and San Diego...maybe...but Carolina, no way. The other cities have attendance problems (Jax) and stadium issues (St. Louis and SD). Here, just need to update the stadium. NOT A MAJOR ISSUE in the grand scheme of things. Relax, everyone.


They need to move.


Never going to happen. Richardson is smart enough to know that Los Angeles has never been supportive of a Football Team. Think Rams, Raiders.......


Tom, isn't it true Jerry tried to sell to a Canadian buyer last year but couldn't agree on a price?

J in KP

Why would a team leave that was bought for $250 million and is now worth over $1 Billion? Every game is sold out and excitement is at all time high even though we are losing! Jerry don't play that LA BS!


No, Jerry wont move the team but when he passes his heirs wont tolerate the Financial Losses of a NFL Team and will either sell or relocate. Its all about the greenbacks and greed and off spring hate seeing their hard earned inheritance fading away after they waited so many decades to get their hands on it.

larry tant

Political move Jerry is not dumb Charlotte gives him what wants in renovations Its called blackmail

George Hanson

I'm not allowed to call him The Big Fat Cat?


JR should take note of how Art Modell was viewed in Cleveland after he moved their beloved Browns. JR would suffer that same fate if he moved the Panthers from Charlotte. Give the city a winning team and watch the fans do anything for JR and the team. Move the team and he will forever be looked upon as George Shinn is.


Mr. Richardson isn't it true you attempted to sell the team to a Canadian last year but could not agree on price?


The Cats are not leaving!!!! Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and the new queen of the south.....the NFL is very pleased with a stadium that is always sold out. The Panthers are the 14th riches teams in the NFL....no way are the leaving for LA...they will work something out to get the stadium up to par

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